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    Clock changing to end?- TV schedule effect

    Europe and North America are finally realizing the practice of "springing forward, falling back" is a completely pointless nuisance that should be abandoned, with the general idea being to simply stay on "summer time" all year. A bill in Ontario unanimously passed first reading, following a similar move in the EU, while the US Congress is apparently also soon to consider it.

    On the surface, this may have no effect on TV scheduling, and presumably it won't if all of the rest of North America follows the existing examples of Saskatchewan and Arizona in not changing our clocks. But what happens if some jurisdictions decide to drop it and others don't? It may be particularly difficult in the US, as it would require changing federal law regarding time zones.

    (It's complicated to explain, but staying on 'Summer Time' year-round would in effect be changing to another time zone, which US federal law does not allow in most places. AZ and Hawaii stay on their federally designated time zone year-round without changing. Saskatchewan already does what most others want to, but US states can't as it stands presently -- most of the province geographically aligns with the Mountain Time Zone, yet they use Central Time all year.)

    Canada is likely to follow whatever the US does, but if it doesn't, it would be fun to see the Canadian networks increasingly fall over themselves trying to maintain simsubs by shifting schedules back and forth by an hour!
    As a small child, I vaguely remember there being one year in the 1970s where the US differed from Canada in this regard for a few weeks or months, and the resulting confusion in TV schedules, though I think where I lived at the time the town's small cable operator wasn't required to simsub.

    Just shift school hours to start a little later in places where it may cause a problem of kids going to school in the dark. For example, instead of 9am to 3pm, maybe make it 9:30 to 3:30.
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