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    CTV Announces 2019 Summer Schedule

    CTV Announces 2019 Summer Schedule Anchored By New Hot Reality Competition Series LOVE ISLAND and the Return of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA

    Toronto — May 23, 2019

    – Buzzed-about new series LOVE ISLAND steams up the schedule beginning July 9 –
    – THE AMAZING RACE CANADA sets off for Season 7 on July 2 –
    – New series GRAND HOTEL from executive producer Eva Longoria premieres June 17, with drama THE RED LINE starring Noah Wyle beginning July 2 –
    – Fan-favourite returning series include MASTERCHEF (May 29), AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR (May 29), MATCH GAME (June 12), THE $100,000 PYRAMID (June 16), and HOLLYWOOD GAME NIGHT (July 11) –

    TORONTO (May 23, 2019) – CTV revealed today a slate of new and returning series for the network’s sizzling summer schedule, headlined by the highly anticipated, international reality sensation LOVE ISLAND, airing weeknights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV,, and the CTV app, beginning July 9. Also heating things up this summer is the new drama GRAND HOTEL (June 17) from executive producer Eva Longoria, exploring scandals, escalating debt, and explosive secrets. Additionally, the eight-part limited drama series THE RED LINE, starring Noah Wyle, joins CTV’s robust summer schedule on July 2.

    Canada’s most-watched summer series, the multiple Canadian Screen Award-winning THE AMAZING RACE CANADA returns for Season 7, airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV,, and the CTV app, beginning July 2. Hosted by Olympic Gold Medallist Jon Montgomery, 10 teams of racers will once again push themselves outside of their comfort zones in a non-stop, action-packed adventure. For the first time ever, this season Canadians voted to allow one previous team to return to the starting line. Jet & Dave, best friends from London, Ont. who competed during the first season of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA, join nine other soon-to-be-revealed teams for their second chance at racing to the finish line.

    Also returning to the CTV schedule this summer are fan-favourites including the action-packed AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR (May 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV2), culinary competition series MASTERCHEF (May 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT), MATCH GAME (June 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT), THE $100,000 PYRAMID (June 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT), and the Jane Lynch-hosted HOLLYWOOD GAME NIGHT (July 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT). is also set to celebrate the warm weather with entertaining TV series and blockbuster movies available with no subscription or sign-in required. will roll out titles throughout the summer including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Iron Man 2, Thor, Guardians of the Galaxy, JANN, CARDINAL, SEINFELD, THE GOLDBERGS, and THE BIG BANG THEORY, in addition to the extensive content viewers can already stream for free on CTV Throwback and CTV Movies.

    More About New Series Joining CTV’s 2019 Summer Schedule:
    *All times ET/PT (visit to check local listings). Episodes are also available on and the CTV app.

    • Filled with high drama, heartbreak, makeups, and breakups, the North American adaptation of British smash hit reality series LOVE ISLAND is set to take Canada by storm Mondays through Fridays at 8 p.m. on CTV beginning July 9. The matchmaking begins as a group of single “Islanders” come together in a stunning villa on a beautiful tropical island, ready to embark on a summer of dating, romance, and ultimately, relationships. Every few days the Islanders pair up and those who are not coupled are at risk of being dumped from the island. Islanders are on the lookout for romance, but the road to love doesn’t always run smoothly. Challenges abound with intriguing new Islander arrivals and dramatic twists as friendships and relationships form. Ultimately one lucky couple will have the chance to walk away with both love and a cash prize.

    • In GRAND HOTEL, airing Mondays at 10 p.m. on CTV beginning June 17, charismatic Santiago Mendoza (Demián Bichir) is behind the last family-owned hotel in Miami Beach, while his glamorous second wife, Gigi (Roselyn Sánchez), and their adult children enjoy the spoils of success. Along with the hotel’s loyal staff, they round out a contemporary take on an upstairs/downstairs story. Wealthy and beautiful guests bask in luxury, but scandals, escalating debt, and explosive secrets hide beneath the picture-perfect exterior. The program is based on the Spanish series.

    • Eight-part limited series THE RED LINE, airing Tuesdaysat 10 p.m. on CTV beginning July 2, follows three very different Chicago families as they journey toward hope and healing after a tragedy causes them all to consider how race and racial biases affect their lives. On the north side of Chicago, Daniel Calder (Noah Wyle) is a high school history teacher mourning the death of his husband, an African American doctor who was shot, while unarmed, by a white cop. On the south side, Tia Young (Emayatzy Corinealdi) scours news of the shooting, torn between her political ambition of running for Alderman and risking it all to comfort the daughter she gave up for adoption as a teen. On the west side, police officer Paul Evans (Noel Fisher) must face the reality of his actions and intentions in the fatal shooting of an innocent man, and worries about his fate amidst the public and legal fallout.
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    Although it was mentioned nowhere in the press release nor listed on CTV or Bell Media's websites, I caught a promo on CTV earlier this evening for The CW series In The Dark premiering Sunday, June 16. Season 1 was ordered for 13 episodes.

    Specialty channel Bravo has had first run rights for the show in Canada, airing on the same day and date with The CW since April 4. Interesting how the second window rights are going on CTV to fill some holes in their summer schedule, although this is in large part to the fact that it was renewed by The CW for a second season. Under different circumstances, this probably would have been demoted to CTV2.

    If you recall at this time last year, Bell Media took the similar approach with Life Sentence. Its first and only season ran originally on Bravo in Canada at the same time as The CW. In the weeks that followed after its official cancellation by The CW, the show had a second window run Sunday evenings on CTV Two last summer.

    In terms of other original scripted series airing on the broadcast networks this summer, there is no network in Canada so far that has obtained the rights to Reef Break, a drama that premieres Thursday, June 20 on ABC and is a co-production with the broadcaster M6 from France.

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    Whoa, such pathetic scheduling for a CW show. I figured CTV would have put In The Dark at an earlier hour on Sunday evenings. In a move that should not come as any surprise, they're placing it instead at...10:00pm? Is anybody going to bother watching it at that hour?

    So they can make room for well, what else, more Big Bang reruns...they already have an episode airing there at 7:30pm, and that will be followed with back-to-back episodes for the 8:00pm hour leading into The $100,000 Pyramid (s-ABC) at 9:00pm. I guess this should come as no surprise.

    Speaking of The $100,000 Pyramid, the Tony Awards are airing on Sunday, June 9, and CTV is choosing to pre-empt the new season until the following week.

    On Sunday, June 16, ABC has Game 7 of the NBA Finals scheduled (if it goes that far), so CTV will probably air the season premiere at that time, depending on whether or not ABC will air an encore that same evening.

    Then on Sunday, June 23, it gets pre-empted for a live special featuring Nik Wallenda and his attempt to walk the tightrope across Times Square. His last live special was back in 2012 when he did the same thing across Niagara Falls while tethered to the rope he was walking on, and it aired on both ABC and CTV. We will know through the advanced listings shortly whether CTV decides to air this special in simulcast with ABC.

    Regularly scheduled episodes of The $100,000 Pyramid will resume on Sunday, June 30.

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    Is anybody going to watch that show on CTV anyway? It is on Bravo, which most people with cable are already getting and the CW. IT has minuscule ratings on the CW, and probably similar on Bravo.

    Instead of showing shows that are not going to get big ratings, they should try showing shows exclusive to Crave like Bosh or something. Show older seasons that may attract viewers to sign up for Crave. They showed season 1 a few years back. CBS is doing it with The Good Fight season 1 this summer. Makes more sense to me.

    They have Younger which is a pretty popular show in the US that they have the rights to and that was on E! and M3 at some points, it's been replaying Season 1-3 on CTV two for the past 2-3 years. They are again showing season 3 right now on Sundays, and never bother to continue and season 4 and 5 have passed. That's just an exemple, but they own rights to shows that have not been on broadcast or cable and they are not showing them. They might not get huge ratings, but at least they would be showing something kinda 'new'.

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    CBS has cancelled The Red Line after one season. It is scheduled to air on CTV starting Tuesday, July 2 at 10:00pm, although now that its fate has been reached, could they be rethinking their decision?

    Season 3 of The Beaverton is listed to premiere in the same timeslot starting July 23. The Red Line will either have to find another timeslot after three episodes or probably end up moving over to CTV2 altogether, leaving CTV to warm up the timeslot with more Big Bang Theory reruns.
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    Honestly I don't think they or nobody expected the show to be renewed when they slotted it there. It's only 8 episodes I am sure it will fit somewhere , they haveSunday 8pm open I think.

    Also when looking at Mondays at 8pm, Lvoe Island is schedule on CBS, but they have American Ninja Warriors on their summer schedule. They can't not show the Mo9ndays episode, not sure tehy can have pre-CBS on that show. So either it will be on CTV2 or Ninja will be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtlguy View Post
    Honestly I don't think they or nobody expected the show to be renewed when they slotted it there. It's only 8 episodes I am sure it will fit somewhere , they have Sunday 8pm open I think.

    Also when looking at Mondays at 8pm, Lvoe Island is schedule on CBS, but they have American Ninja Warriors on their summer schedule. They can't not show the Mondays episode, not sure tehy can have pre-CBS on that show. So either it will be on CTV2 or Ninja will be?
    CTV’s summer schedule before Love Island will look something like this:

    Monday: American Ninja Warrior, Grand Hotel
    Tuesday: Movies (Big Bang fillers if movie runs until 10pm or 10:30pm)
    Wednesday: The Amazing Race, MasterChef, Match Game
    Thursday: MasterChef, Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, Law & Order: SVU
    Friday: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods
    Saturday: W5, Movie, Big Bang Theory (back-to-back eps)
    Sunday: Mary’s Kitchen Crush, Big Bang Theory reruns (1h30), The $100,000 Pyramid, In the Dark

    With Love Island airing weeknights at 8:00pm, Monday episodes will actually be airing on Saturdays in post-release due to the fact that American Ninja Warrior takes up two hours of the schedule.

    The rest of the lineup covers what will air 9pm and 10pm:
    Tuesday: The Amazing Race Canada, The Red Line (although The Beaverton is listed to premiere in late July)
    Wednesday: MasterChef, Match Game
    Thursday: Hollywood Game Night, MasterChef
    Friday: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Blue Bloods
    Saturday: Movie
    Sunday: The Amazing Race Canada encores, Various (presumably The Red Line could move here to finish its run), The $100,000 Pyramid, In the Dark

    The summer lineup for CTV2 is nothing to write home about - very much reruns from 8:00pm to 10:00pm:

    Monday: Castle (Two episodes)
    Tuesday: Seinfeld (Four episodes)
    Wednesday: CanCon - Reruns of shows from Discovery
    Thursday: Criminal Minds (Two episodes)
    Friday: CTV Movie
    Saturday: More CanCon reruns, W5
    Sunday: Younger (Two episodes), Daytime Divas

    Links to summer schedules:

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    Quote Originally Posted by lostjon View Post
    The summer lineup for CTV2 is nothing to write home about - very much reruns from 8:00pm to 10:00pm:
    It's sad to see how CTV2 is scheduled like a low-priority Bell-owned specialty channel, significant only as an overflow channel with simsub opportunities and some local news that look "forced" due to licence requirement rather than passionate journalism driving the station.

    Remember when NBC moved Leno to 10pm? Some affiliates from the 200+ local stations were complaining low ratings of the talk show impacted ratings for their 11pm local news.
    When The WB and UPN merged, Fox built the new MyNetworkTV with affiliates otherwise left as independents. Sure, MyNetworkTV became a syndication network, but at least, they have an identity and network programming.
    CTV2's daytime programming is unoriginal, basically the main CTV network daytime, shuffled at different times, while primetime is a combinaison of overflow, and what you expect from Bell : basically TBBT & Criminal Minds reruns, with some added cancon fillers. Consequently, don't expect 11pm local news to be a ratings hit. It lacks that something that makes it unique. On the other hand, CTV2 doesn't have a presence in all markets, therefor, I rather prefer Global and Citytv picking up new original shows than having to catch some episodes on CTV's website, which is a PITA with a login from a participating service provider...
    Bell missed an opportunity to convert their Cornwall CJOH analog retransmitter to digital as CHRO-DT Ottawa retransmitter and reach the Montreal market, the same way they did in Barrie reaching the Toronto market. Such narrow vision when the company is also a cable/IPTV service provider. Sorry for rambling...
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