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    CHCH Fall 2019 Primetime Schedule

    indieNET (CHCH, yesTV, NTV and CHEK) unveiled their fall lineup on Thursday, May 30 in Toronto.

    For CHCH, here is what we know about their fall lineup so far based on the sources listed below:

    - Daytime will continue with its popular Retro lineup with Hill Street Blues and St. Elsewhere as the latest additions
    - Blockbuster movies on Sunday evenings
    - New to the schedule is The X Factor (Family owned the Canadian rights to recent seasons)
    - Returning favorites include Empire (6th and final season) Tuesdays at 9:00pm (s-FOX)
    - Newsmagazine shows 20/20, 48 Hours and 60 Minutes all in simulcast on weekends
    - Continued local news coverage

    Among acquired American network shows, could not get confirmation for ABC sitcom Fresh Off the Boat. They also had Speechless for its third and final season, as it went on to be cancelled.

    If anybody is able to obtain the fall schedule for CHCH or a copy of their media kit for Fall 2019, please reply to this post. Upon navigating their site, they still have the Media Kit from Fall 2018.

    Sources: (Video runs for about 1:30) (Subscription required after several days)

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    Thanks for posting this as I have been unable to find any info about their fall schedule. They had a video posted on their site a few days ago but it wasn't working for me so I wasn't able to view it. From what you posted, it looks like their lineup will be pretty much the same as this season except for some tweaks to their retro programming (great to see that it will be continuing as I am enjoying watching many of the shows).

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    The schedule is finally here.

    Fresh Off the Boat has been dropped from the lineup, leaving Empire as the only scripted show from the major U.S. networks airing in primetime.
    They've added a selection of shows from Sony Pictures Television that are also part of CTV's Throwback channel on their website including Justified, Unforgettable and Franklin & Bash.
    Monday nights will be devoted to British TV.

    Familiar staples include local news, the daytime retro block airing weekdays and the established newsmagazine shows.

    CHCH Fall 2019 Primetime Schedule

    6:00pm Evening News at Six
    7:00pm Inside the Story
    7:30pm Access
    11:00pm Evening News at Eleven

    8:00pm The X Factor
    10:00pm British Drama Night

    8:00pm Franklin & Bash
    9:00pm Empire (season 6) (s-FOX)
    10:00pm Justified

    8:00pm CHCH at the Movies

    8:00pm CHCH at the Movies

    8:00pm Unforgettable
    9:00pm 20/20 (s-ABC)

    7:00pm Inside the Story
    7:30pm Tiny Talent Time
    8:00pm CHCH at the Movies
    10:00pm 48 Hours (s-CBS)

    7:00pm 60 Minutes (s-CBS)
    8:00pm Sunday Blockbuster

    6:00pm Evening News at Six
    11:00pm Evening News at Eleven

    WEEKDAYS - Retro Programming Block from 10:00am to 6:00pm

    6:00am Morning Live
    10:00am I Dream of Jeannie
    10:30am Bewitched
    11:00am Laverne & Shirley
    11:30am Gidget
    12:00pm The Wonder Years
    12:30pm One Day at a Time
    1:00pm The Jeffersons
    1:30pm The Partridge Family
    2:00pm St. Elsewhere
    3:00pm Good Times
    3:30pm Taxi
    4:00pm Hill Street Blues
    5;00pm Cheers
    5:30pm Happy Days

    6:00am to 1:00pm Long Form Program
    1:00pm to 6:00pm Matinee Movies / Weekend Sports

    Tiny Talent Time also airing Sundays 5:30pm

    For some reason, the URL is the same for the schedule from last fall.




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