It looks like the specialty channel purge continues, according to a post on the Telus website, the following channels will be shutting down on December 5:

BBC Canada
Cartoon Network
Fashion Television

Here is the message from the Telus site, which is the same for all 4 channels:

As of December 5th, 2019, the BBC Canada channel will no longer be available due to a recent channel provider change.
Fashion Television is way over due to be shut down IMO (Book Television should be part of this list as well) and based on comments I have heard from others, BBC Canada is not very good and pales in comparison to BBC America. I am kind of surprised about Cartoon Network, guess its not that popular which makes we question why they bothered launching a separate Cartoon Network branded channel in the first place?! In that regard, I wonder if Nickeldeon Canada is next on the chopping block as it airs nothing but repeats with first run shows airing on YTV.