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    Rogers dropping Stingray music video channels

    I am not a Rogers subscriber, but according to posts I have seen on other message boards (including the community forums on Rogers' website), subscribers have been receiving notifications on their bills about AMC being dropped from their TV service on January 1, 2020.

    They have also been receiving notifications about four of Stingray's music video channels (Retro, Loud, Vibe, Juicebox) being discontinued on Rogers' TV services as of yesterday. Indeed, a couple of posts on Stingray's Facebook page confirmed that the music channels have been dropped from their lineup.

    Somewhat intriguing when it was just a few months ago that this press release was issued:

    An excerpt of the press release mentioned that customers would have access to the Stingray Music audio channels (currently 60+ are being carried), along with the Stingray Music mobile app and web player at no extra charge. Rogers currently carries two of the three 4K channels (Stingray Now and Stingray Festival) but not Stingray Ambiance. It also left open the possibility to distribute new products being offered by Stingray with more details to be shared at a later date.

    Mind you, this is not the first time that Rogers customers were being notified of the possibility that this would happen. At this time last year, Rogers indicated a date of January 1, 2019. The date went and passed without anything happening. During the course of the year, the video channels were being removed from flexible packages, therefore likely diminishing their value and the incentive to keep those channels in the long run. It's also possible that while Rogers extended their deal with Stingray, the latter was informed that these channels would not be included in the renewal, although I'm curious about the process in determining how that would be the case.

    Aside from that and to my knowledge, Rogers never carried these channels in HD nor included them in the same packages with their other products. Instead, they were thrown in "Special Interest" themed package with other zombie channels including BookTelevision and FashionTelevision. Nor was it offered as a standalone (individual pick and pay) channel.

    It's safe to say for now anyway, that this probably closes the door on them adding the two French music video channels (Stingray Hits! and PalmarèsADISQ par Stingray) in the near future, along with any other music video channels that Stingray may have coming down the pipe. Also not carried on Rogers: Stingray Classica, along with Stingray's On Demand services and apps (Music Videos, Karaoke and Qello Concerts).

    Though the same can be said for all providers, Rogers has developed a reputation for dropping channels from their lineup (not including those that have been shut down) without adding new ones, and instead continuing to increase the cost of their services.

    Meanwhile, other major providers including Bell, Videotron, Shaw and TELUS have been adding to their lineups in the process as part of their recent renewal agremeents. Cogeco recently added Stingray Festival 4K to their lineup, and in Quebec, they also have
    PalmarèsADISQ par Stingray along with Stingray Now 4K. Bell MTS also recently quietly added the French music video channels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lostjon View Post
    Rogers' ... subscribers have been receiving notifications on their bills about AMC being dropped from their TV service on January 1, 2020.
    Bell is also removing AMC, but on Feb 1st, 2020 :

    Fav show TWD Season 10B returns Feb 23, 2020, and the whole season is expected on Netflix by september.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    Regarding the Stingray music video channels, I read unconfirmed reports on another forum online that they have been dropped from Eastlink as well.

    Are there any Eastlink subscribers posting on this forum who can confirm that this is the case?



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