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    Citytv announces Winter-Spring 2020 schedule

    I assume there will be a press release with more details as some shows are not mentioned in this <picture> like midseason shows Concil of Dads and Godfathers of Harlem.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Citytv issued a press release today but there is no mention of either of those shows.

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    They put it out late, it was not there an hour ago ;)

    Surprising for the 2 new shows. Godfather of Harlem is an Epix show that just finishing showing in the States, you would think they put it in their empty spots Thursday at 9pm. And Council of Dads starts in March, maybe they will announce it later, or they sold it to CTV which would have made sense for them to have it to begin with as it was meant as a midseason repalcement on NBC for This is us.

    Maybe both for Spring?

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    It feels, empty. Mentally replacing all those "Mom" with "TBBT" will make you cringe.

    First, we know ABC promoted Million Little Things to 10pm, releasing Mom in simsub with CBS at 9pm. Whose canadian broadcaster has Fox's Last Man Standing at 8pm? And nobody picked up NBC's Indebted starting Feb 6 at 9:30pm.

    Fridays, Lincoln at 8pm during Blacklist's winter break bumps the movie by an hour, eliminating 2 Mom reruns. Good.

    Tuesdays 10pm, ABC scheduled For Life after Emergence and CTV has both, Global has Amsterdam and the NCIS & FBI franchises... there's nothing here for City.

    Sundays 10pm, same thing, Rookie on CTV, NCIS:NO on Global, Good Girls on Netflix... nobody picked NBC's Zoey, it's at 9pm but post-release? Hmmm, reading synopsis, it looks like it takes over where Crazy Ex left off...
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    With MacGyver back on Global and Outmatched (+ Housewife) on CTV, I binge-watched the first 3 episodes of NBC's Lincoln on Citytv to help decide if I should dump the sitcom(s).

    Remember short-lived "Ironside" on NBC from fall 2013? That's what it felt like, a police genius who doesn't leave his home. But most of all, Brooke Lyons left a recurring role on "Magnum PI" for this other friday night death slot show?!?!
    Unfortunately, the show uses a "terrorist of the week" formula while the storyline of the season (bone collector) puts main character's family members in weekly imminent danger. Nope. Pass.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    Syfy announced today the start date of Canadian sci-fi series Vagrant Queen (refer to the "Citytv Announces Fall 2019 schedule" thread for details) for friday March 27 at 10pm. By that time, NBC's Lincoln will be done with its 10-eps run, so Citytv can afford to air it in simulcast AND keep their 2-hours hallmark/lifetime movie that night.

    - NBC's Council of Dads premieres tues March 11 at 10pm for 3 weeks, then at 9pm starting March 31. From there, this will affect the simsub of ABC comedies Mixed-ish & Black-ish which could air in pre-release at 8pm (no idea if they're done with cancon Hudson & Rex).
    - ABC's The Baker & the Beauty premieres mon April 13 at 10pm. Falls in place as NBC's Manifest will be done with its 13 episodes run the previous monday.

    Still in the unknown column:
    - Dead Still, (Canada/Ireland) set in 1880 (Murdoch? Is that you?)
    - Epix's Godfather of Harlem.
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    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    Hudson & Rex received an order of 16 episodes for seasons 1 and 2.
    Season 1 premiered last March with the first six episodes. Seven episodes then aired in the summer. The remaining three episodes from season 1 aired in the fall.

    Season 2 episodes started airing in mid-October and continued through the end of November for seven episodes. With nine episodes remaining, it resumed in mid-January and is projected to wrap up on March 10, the same night that Council of Dads makes its premiere. As of March 17, they have a gap to fill for the 8pm timeslot, which could be used for airing the ABC sitcoms in pre-release once Council of Dads moves to 9pm by month’s end.

    Safe to assume that Citytv will simsub Council of Dads in the 10pm timeslot for the first three weeks.

    They also have room on Mondays to fill starting March 16 for four weeks, with The Bachelor ending. Not sure if Citytv has picked up the latest Bachelor spin-off Listen To Your Heart, which premieres on April 13. It won’t surprise me if they did. On that same night, both The Baker and the Beauty makes its series premiere on ABC and Songland returns for its second season on NBC.

    Other notes:
    A Million Little Things wraps up its second season on March 26, so one of the new shows can fill the Thursday 10pm timeslot (like Twilight Zone last spring and Four Weddings & a Funeral in the fall).

    Little Big Shots returns with a sneak peek on February 24 at 10pm, then settles into its regular timeslot on Sunday, March 1 at 8pm. With The Simpsons and Duncanville filling those slots, Citytv will likely air LBS in pre-release at 7pm.

    Both Godfather of Harlem and Vagrant Queen each have ten episodes. Dead Still has six episodes.

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    Yes, These Shows are Coming to Canada: Watch Devs and Mrs. America Exclusively on FX and FX NOW

    – Plus, new to Citytv is the emotional and inspirational drama Council of Dads and The Bachelor singing spinoff The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart –

    TORONTO (February 21, 2020) They are the buzziest new series this season, and fans can catch them on FX, FXX, and Citytv beginning Monday, Feb. 24.

    NEW to FX & FX NOW

    Cate Blanchett stars as conservative firebrand Phyllis Schlafly in the limited series Mrs. America , which transports viewers to the frontlines of the fight over equal rights through the women who lived through it. Fargo returns with a new cast of characters led by Chris Rock in his first television lead role. Set in 1950s Kansas City, the series is centred around two crime families – one Italian and one African American – as they control an alternate economy, that of exploitation, graft and drugs. And then, Nick Offerman stars in Devs , the new chilling sci-fi series from Alex Garland (Ex Machina ), that follows a young software engineer as she investigates her employer, a cutting-edge tech company in Silicon Valley, which she believes is behind the murder of her boyfriend. Also, new original comedy series Breeders and Dave along with docuseries The Most Dangerous Animal of All , join the roster of highly-anticipated new and returning shows.

    NEW to Citytv & Citytv NOW

    Bachelor Nation will get its fix after the season finale of The Bachelor, with the new music-driven spinoff The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart . Plus, bring out the tissues for new emotional and inspirational drama Council of Dads . And, hearts will melt as Little Big Shots returns with new host Melissa McCarthy and an amazing roster of the world’s best young talent.

    All dates are subject to change. All times ET/PT. (s) = simulcast


    Monday, March 2
    10 p.m. – Breeders (s) **NEW**

    Thursday, March 5
    9 p.m. – Better Things **Season 4**
    10 p.m. – Devs **NEW**

    Friday, March 6
    10 p.m. – The Most Dangerous Animal of All **NEW**

    Wednesday, April 15
    9 p.m. – What We Do in the Shadows **Season 2**
    10 p.m. – Mrs. America **NEW**

    Sunday, April 19
    10 p.m. – Fargo (s) **Season 4**


    Wednesday, March 4
    10 p.m. – Dave (s) **NEW**

    Thursday, April 9
    10 p.m. – Future Man **Season 3**


    Monday, Feb. 24
    10 p.m. – Little Big Shots (s) **Season 4**

    Tuesday, March 10
    10 p.m. – Council of Dads (s) **NEW**

    Friday, March 27
    8 p.m. – The Wedding Planners **NEW – Citytv Original**

    Sunday, March 29
    10 p.m. – Vagrant Queen **NEW – Citytv Original**

    Monday, April 13
    8 p.m. – The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart (s) **NEW**
    10 p.m. – The Baker & the Beauty (s) **NEW**

    Friday, May 15
    10 p.m. – Dead Still **NEW – Citytv Original**

    Tuesday, May 26
    8 p.m. – America’s Got Talent (s) **Season 15**



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