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    Citytv announces Winter 2020 schedule

    I assume there will be a press release with more details as some shows are not mentioned in this <picture> like midseason shows Concil of Dads and Godfathers of Harlem.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Citytv issued a press release today but there is no mention of either of those shows.

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    They put it out late, it was not there an hour ago ;)

    Surprising for the 2 new shows. Godfather of Harlem is an Epix show that just finishing showing in the States, you would think they put it in their empty spots Thursday at 9pm. And Council of Dads starts in March, maybe they will announce it later, or they sold it to CTV which would have made sense for them to have it to begin with as it was meant as a midseason repalcement on NBC for This is us.

    Maybe both for Spring?

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    It feels, empty. Mentally replacing all those "Mom" with "TBBT" will make you cringe.

    First, we know ABC promoted Million Little Things to 10pm, releasing Mom in simsub with CBS at 9pm. Whose canadian broadcaster has Fox's Last Man Standing at 8pm? And nobody picked up NBC's Indebted starting Feb 6 at 9:30pm.

    Fridays, Lincoln at 8pm during Blacklist's winter break bumps the movie by an hour, eliminating 2 Mom reruns. Good.

    Tuesdays 10pm, ABC scheduled For Life after Emergence and CTV has both, Global has Amsterdam and the NCIS & FBI franchises... there's nothing here for City.

    Sundays 10pm, same thing, Rookie on CTV, NCIS:NO on Global, Good Girls on Netflix... nobody picked NBC's Zoey, it's at 9pm but post-release? Hmmm, reading synopsis, it looks like it takes over where Crazy Ex left off...
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