I started binge-watching S4 of MacGyver and... What the Hell? It's "Scorpion" all over. CBS has a thing for shows about Really smart guys + Millionaire with funds + law enforcement contract. Like we said in a previous thread, turn your brain off while watching the show. The series is filmed in Georgia with their tax writeoff incentive, that's the only reason the show exists.

In an episode, the team was betrayed, their faces were all over the news on TV. Everyone in Los Angeles forgot about their faces within the next hour and they're back to complete strangers status.
In the following episode, a bomb went off in Germany. The usual flight time from Los Angeles to Berlin is 12 hours, plus drive time to get to airport, takeoff, land, drive to get there... (not to forget 9 hours timezone difference for daylight/nighttime consideration) There's a dozen of victims with minor injuries still there. Why haven't german rescue workers proceeded if the MacGyver team enters the damaged building without protection gear? Stupid writers.
Another episode, they used green screen in a studio to create a scene where their plane goes on a rescue mission to a cessna. Forget the cabin pressure factors, let's open the door and never risk falling off the plane because... it's a green screen and there's no wind. Oh yeah, they used a rope to link both planes, both perfectly still in the air for at least 5 minutes, and have time to talk like regular persons without raising their voice... Stupid writers.