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Thread: AMC in Canada

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    AMC in Canada

    It appears that the current distribution deals between major Canadian providers and AMC are up for renewal. And with that, customers are being informed that the channel will be removed from their service in the coming weeks.

    Rogers previously had a dispute over distribution rights but reached a multi-year agreement in March 2013 but have set January 1, 2020 as the removal date.

    Bell is looking to remove the channel from its services effective February 1.

    From what I have seen with Rogers, everytime they have news about channels being removed from their service, they always start it with the following disclaimer:
    "Occasionally, we make changes to our channel offerings to reflect the evolving viewership trends of our customers."

    AMC is a fairly popular channel, driven in large part by The Walking Dead, along with a few other original long-running series including Fear the Walking Dead and Better Call Saul. So the statement put out by Rogers does not tell the whole story, and instead, they are simply using this as a tactic against the channel to obtain terms that will be suitable for both parties.

    AMC looks to be calling the shots in terms of how their channel can continue being carried by various providers. If it comes at a cost that proves to be too high for Rogers or any provider for that matter, they find themslves in situations like this one. And those costs will just get passed on to subscribers.

    If history is any indication, optimistically speaking, AMC and the providers will eventually reach a deal, but I have a feeling there's going to be a catch at some point.
    Back in 2013, AMC was home to a number of popular long-running series: The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad (final season) and Mad Men. So it was crucial to get something done at the time. While the providers may be able to continue carrying AMC, they may have no choice but to offer it in a package that will prove too costly for subscribers. Further driving up the costs just to keep AMC will likely backfire and force more customers to cut their television services altogether, save for those who have no other way to watch The Walking Dead except on AMC, but eventually that show will reach its end. When it does and the distribution deals are up for renewal again, it will be a different story.

    FYI, all this is in line with providers required to give customers a notice of at least 30 days upon dropping a channel from their service, so for now at least, it's standard procedure. It just so happens that Rogers and Bell are the ones up for renewal deals with AMC:
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