Now that the exchange rate is even worse, a SlingTV subscription can get rather pricey. However, for the next 2 weeks, SlingTV ( is offering its $30 US Blue plan with a bunch of other free channels also included for FREE. No Credit Card or cancellation is necessary (so no way to charge you), just an email address and a zip code (use a vpn, etc., if not in the US - use locations that give free NBC and Fox Sling affiliates since it's only the owned-and-operated affiliates that are available with Sling, although you should be able to change vpn locations afterwards as desired). You also get 10 hours of cloud DVR recording for free and 3 simultaneous streams (or 4 streams if you time a DVR playback properly - via trial and error method for rookies).

SlingTV has had so many free previews lately, that even though I cancelled months ago, they keep dragging me back. There is now even a fairly new pirate site that offers 95% of the SlingTV channels for free with no US location trickery necessary (it goes down from time to time, but thanks to the Corona virus, piracy is booming).

It's a good thing that production of the new shows has slowed to a crawl, because that gives me some extra time to catch up on stuff I hadn't had time to watch.