As per the announcement posted at the top of the page, Randi and I have made the difficult decision to shut down the Channel Canada discussion forums. Unfortunately, activity on the forums has declined significantly in recent years and it is no longer worth it to continue to operate them. I wanted to thank all the members past and present who made this community a great place to be a part of. My journey with Channel Canada began here- as a lowly forum member, while there were ups and downs (with some discussions becoming quite heated at times), overall it was a great place to get together with others who shared a common interest in the media industry as well as just talking about our favourite TV series. I would especially like to thank the regulars (InMontreal, Lostjon, mtlguy, PokerFace, Donovan's Monkey, bigoranget, musimax, Test Pattern and LOSat) who stuck with the forums to the very end and have continued posting off and on, providing the boards with some activity.

I would like to let everyone know that the threads that I have been posting regular updates to, will continue and are in the process of being migrated to the main site. They include:

US Specialty TV Series Directory
US Networks Programming Directories (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and The CW)
Sports Schedules

TV on DVD lists (These are also currently available on Home Theater Forum and will continue to be updated there)
Bell TV / Shaw Direct Missing Channel Comparison (I would be willing to continue to maintain this list on the main site, if there is enough interest)

Thanks again to everyone who visited the Channel Canada Forums over the years and to those who became members and took part in discussions. We hope you will visit and continue to support our efforts to become the go-to site for Canadian TV and media news!