The Fall TV Preview section has now launched, although its quite different from years past due to the pandemic. No pilots were filmed so there is very little info available about the new shows aside from a brief synopsis. It looks like network execs selected series based on their premise and whether they think the show will be successful while normal practise is for a pilot episode to be filmed and then its screened and they then decide which shows to pick up.

Fall info is currently available for CBC, ABC, CBS, FOX & The CW (NBC still has not unveiled their info for the new season). New info will be added as it becomes available.

FOX & The CW will not be launching their new series until 2021 and The CW has actually moved returning series to mid-season as well. ABC has not unveiled a fall schedule so it is not known when their new series will debut. Also, most networks have only 2-3 new shows, with the bulk of shows in their schedule being returning ones, which is understandable due to production being shut down and them likely not wanting to take too many risks. I am wondering if things will get going in time for them to film anything for the fall launch?!