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    HBO Max Originals

    Check out the latest edition to our TV Series Listings section:

    HBO Max Originals

    This streaming service recently launched in the USA and due to the pandemic only 2 scripted series have premiered thus far. HBO Max has partnered up with Bell/Crave to distribute many of its originals series in Canada.

    Currently available: Love Life which premiered May 27.

    Coming Soon to HBO Max & Crave:

    The Flight Attendant (Scheduled to premiere Fall 2020)
    College Girls (Coming in 2021)
    Gossip Girl (reboot of the original CW series) (Coming in 2021)
    Dune: The Sisterhood (TBA)

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    I though after reading their press release that those would be only for Crave in streaming since none of the dates provided in the release had time slot.

    Other Bell Media press release usually have time slot for the shows on Crave on TV, but dates only are usually exclusive to the streaming version. But in the first shows they are also on TV it seems.

    Love Life is on Wednesday 9:00 PM on Crave 2 and reality show Legendary is Thursday 8:00pm on Crave 2. So hopefully they will also all be on TV, which I prefer personnaly. It also looks like HBO Max programing are going on Crave 2 for the premiere and not HBO or Crave 1 where premieres usually starts on. With repeats on other Crave positions and HBO of course.

    Maybe they should rebrand Crave 2 into HBO Max when there is more content since they have less and less movies on these channels.



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