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    Yellowstone Premieres on Paramount Network Canada on June 21

    Paramount Network has finally gotten around to adding Yellowstone to the lineup of the Canadian feed.

    Season 1 will premiere June 21 @ 9pm ET and will air consecutively over the next week with the season finale airing Friday June 26.

    Season 2 will then premiere on June 28 @ 9pm ET.

    Season 3 premieres June 21 in the USA, its likely that the third season will not air in Canada until after it has finished airing the USA.

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    So season 2 is again all week the week of June 28th, 9 & 10pm.

    The season 3 starts July 5th at 7pm ep 1, 8pm for ep 2 and then we caught up and simulcast at 9pm eps 3.

    It's weird how this seems rush and unplanned. Like they realised they never aired it here and scheduled it like that. Maybe it's my facebook or twitter questions about it to them that made them realized they had the rights as nobody else was showing it? Kidding but you never know. ;P



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