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    Plane spotting live shows, Airport runway webcams, flight radar

    For those who might like to watch planes land, take off, or just flying over on a clear day from your window, balcony, backyard, or other viewing location, there are flight radar sites that can tell you what plane you are seeing and what is flying in your direction and may soon be in sight.

    The flight radar sites are also useful while watching live YouTube shows of landings and take offs from locations near runways, often lasting for hours at a time. - live shows from Manchester (UK); (edit, Apr 2022) and now YVR (Vancouver) - live shows from LAX and occasionally other locations - LAX - live shows from Chicago O'Hare - Las Vegas - Sydney AUS - has live shows from London Heathrow Airport and sometimes other locations - has live shows from UK airports - Lisbon - has live shows from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) - has live (no commentary) shows from Narita (Tokyo) - has live (no commentary) shows from Haneda Airport (Tokyo)

    Live runway webcams:
    There is a slow frame rate type of one pointed at Montreal YUL runway 24R. - Prague - Lanzarote Airport, Canary Islands, Spain - São Paulo - Narita Tokyo - Kansai Osaka - Itami Osaka - Fukuoka
    These sites list some live webcams:

    Live Air Traffic Control audio:

    Spotter Guide - lists places around airports for watching and photographing

    Back in 2019 while on the top of the observation hill at Danville Park in Mississauga, I was able to briefly look though someone else's Cdn$1700 18x50 Image-Stabilization binoculars. They were good, but I don't think I'd ever spend that much, and the compact binoculars I have are much smaller and easier to carry around.
    Plane spotting binoculars:
    An example for compact binoculars they mention, though also presumably available elsewhere:
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