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    CBS Midseason Plans

    Full details at:

    CBS plans for midseason include new seasons of The Amazing Race, Survivor, and Flashpoint.

    As many posters have been suggested in recent weeks, it has been scheduled to air Fridays 9pm (beginning January 9) so expect CTV likewise to follow suit. Since the cancellation of The Ex List, CBS has been showing reruns of NCIS, which have posted far better numbers.

    Also, CBS is introducing the drama Harper's Island sometime in April, and it will air Thursdays 10pm after the first season of The Eleventh Hour has finished its run.

    For the first time in a while, they are also trying original unscripted programming on Saturdays.
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    Well, I guess I'll be watching network TV on Fridays regularly for the first time since CBC Comedy Fridays. Usually I just watch sports, but Terminator and Flashpoint are too good to have to wait to watch.

    Harper's Island looks good as well. Anyone know who has rights to it in Canada?

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    Canwest has the rights to Harper's Island in Canada. So it could air on either Global or E!

    As far as Thursdays 10pm will go come midseason, there's a bit of a hole for Global since current occupant Life on Mars will move to Wednesdays. It's expected that once ER wraps up, NBC will air Celebrity Apprentice, and Global will most likely simulcast it.

    On E! they usually run movies from 9-11pm; that could easily be replaced by E! specials and Harper's Island.

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