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    High Fidelity Channels launch on Rogers

    High Fidelity HDTV have secured a carriage agreement with Rogers Cable to carry their 4 HD channels- Oasis HD, Equator HD, Rush HD & Treasure HD. Here is the official press release:

    Rogers is only the second major distributor to carry these channels, after Bell TV. Perhaps this might be a breakthrough for them and other providers will follow suit?! I think the main thing with these channels is programming, they have to keep producing new, original shows in order for viewers to remain interested. That is the problem VOOM is having in the US with their channels, Dish Network dropped them because they had too many repeats and not enough new programming. They also have too many channels IMO (15), there is just not enough HD programming out there right now to sustain 15 or perhaps even 5 all-HD channels.

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    Rogers forgot

    Once again Rogers forgot to include the maritimes.

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    Good for Rogers that they finally woke up and launched Oasis HD, my family's favourite channel. I am a Bell ExpressVu customer, so I don't really care what Rogers offers, but I am happy for the Rogers customers who will now be able to see what my family has been enjoying for the last 2 years. And the channel is only getting better with the IMAX programs they are showing. Wonder when Cogeco will get with it?



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