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    I don't see what's wrong with Much and MTV getting access, it's not like it's going to mess with CTV's olympic coverage.

    CTV is really pulling out all the stops for this. they are pretty much airing The Olympics 24/7 with only breaks for CTV National News, Canada AM, and i'm guessing CTV's local news.

    I'm wondering how CTV Vancouver will bennift from this, it's the only market where CTV is not #1, I was expecting them to make CTV Vancouver more involved (ex. having CTV Vancouver anchors host Olympic events) If there was ever a time for CTV Vancouver to become #1, 2010 is the one chance they have.

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    New Brunswick
    The fact that they will have exclusive local Olympic highlights will help a lot. Also news will air at odd times depending on what's happening, so that should help them too.

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    Jul 2006
    I would expect B.C. viewers will get plently of promos for their newscasts.

    Odd times should help CTV a bit, but i'm being told that Global BC is planning to have it's newscasts at the exact same time as CTV's newscasts durning the olympics. which means CTV's newscasts will still have to directly compete vs Global's. Global BC will provide it's regular newscasts, plus special newscasts that air the exact same time and length as CTV's, and all of Global BC's newscasts will be anchored from Whistler.



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