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    Jay Leno is Coming to Citytv

    Citytv is thrilled to announce the addition of NBC Universal's new untitled Jay Leno primetime show to its programming line-up. A first for broadcast television, Leno's new one-hour comedy/talk show is set to air five nights a week at 10 pm in simulcast with NBC, starting this Fall on Citytv.

    "Jay Leno at 10pm is an innovative idea that will provide viewers with consistent, quality, first-run programming in primetime," says Malcolm Dunlop, Executive Vice President Programming, Rogers Media Television. "This is a fresh viewing alternative with a proven host and big name guest stars that will entertain audiences nightly."

    "As late-night television's leader for more than a dozen years now, Jay Leno is bringing his top-rated act to primetime and we are truly excited that Citytv will be our broadcast partner for this new 5-day-a-week venture starting in the fall," says Ron Suter, Executive Vice President/General Manager, Canada, NBC Universal Television Distribution and Executive Vice President, Universal Studios Canada.

    Leno's new show will showcase many of the features that have made him the late-night leader for so long. Signature elements will include his opening monologue and well-known comedy segments "Headlines," "Jaywalking" and "Battle of the Jaywalking All-Stars." Along with 17 years of experience in late night television, Leno brings with him a solid fan base and plans to incorporate more stunts, more newsmakers, and the opportunity to get out of the studio more in his new ten o’clock show.

    Since becoming host of "The Tonight Show" on May 25, 1992, Leno has experienced numerous highlights, including winning the 1995 Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy, Variety or Music Series. Most recently, Leno was nominated for an Emmy in 2008 for his popular Internet show "Jay Leno's Garage," which allows fans a peak into his famous garage by logging on to

    The show will be produced by Big Dog Productions in association with Universal Media Studios. Debbie Vickers will serve as executive producer.

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    Nov 2006
    Just like we suspected. This will be a good shot in the arm for Citytv's anemic primetime sked.

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    Who didn't see that coming? Great move by Citytv. One less hour to program and more viewers for that hour.

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    That will free up 2 hours every night that they don't need to program. Also most people love watching movies so seems like a no brainer to me?! I guess Rogers/Citytv doesn't deal in logic?!

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    I personally can't stand Leno, but this is good news for Citytv. It will bring in new viewers. (But, what's the age group that follow Leno?)

    As for Great Movies... we all miss it, but it's not worth competing in that area in this day and age. Rogers cable comes with all kinds of free movie channels (off the top of my head: IFC, AMC, Showcase Action/Diva,) and plenty of the regular cable channels, like Muchmusic, are showing movies now. Ten years ago it was a different story, but now the list of channels showing movies is too crowded.

    Now, "Late Great Movies" should come back. They had a way of showing old, off-beat stuff. Perfect to fill a dead timeslot.

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    Citytv is an OTA station NOT cable, there are no FREE channels that show movies so I don't see why they can't air any movies?! For those who don't subscribe to cable/satellite or those that want 100% true HD (not the compressed versions you get on cable/satellite), Citytv would become very popluar if they aired movies especially if they were also available in HD.

    Why the heck did Rogers buy an OTA network, if they don't care to run it properly?? They should have let someone else buy it who actually cares about the fact that this is network an OTA network with stations available FREE.
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    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Is Citytv going to air "Leno" at 9pm Central in Winnipeg? If Citytv repeats its previous behaviour this show is likely to air out of simcast on a tape delay.

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    Calgary, Alberta!!
    City has been gone back to simulcasting as much as it can on Winnipeg as of late. I think they wanted a uniform schedule across the board but they missed a lot of simulcast opportunities.

    It almost seems that Citytv is acting like a tax write-off for Rogers Wireless. That being said, at least adding Jay Leno will add some eyeballs, especially with the ad market and the economy being the way it is maybe Rogers will have to give operating Citytv a chance.

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    Jul 2006
    Although not every night, this past month E! has been airing movies on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

    As for the age group that follows Leno, it's actually not Citytv's target demo. Citytv goes after Adults 18-34 and Adults 18-49 (they also say they target women)

    However Jay Leno's show targets the 25-54 demo, that's where it does best, and that's the demo Citytv currently doesn't target. NBC made it very clear to stations that Jay's 10:00PM show will continue to go after the 25-54 demo, as it will provide a strong lead-in for NBC's local 11:00PM news, which also targets the 25-54 demo.

    So although I still think this was a good move by Citytv (they most likely got it for really really cheap since CTV and Canwest didn't want it) it's going after viewers outside the current Citytv demo.

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    Nov 2006
    Going outside their current target demo with this aquisition may not be a bad thing. Their current strategy airing old VH1 reality shows, low rated CW shows and leftovers from NBC and ABC just isn't cutting it.

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    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but didn't Rogers CFMT (OMNI 1) run The Arsenio Hall Show at 10pm for the short time that The Chevy Chase Show aired?



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