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    The CW January schedule

    8:00PM: Everybody Hates Chris
    8:30PM: All of Us
    9:00PM: Girlfriends
    9:30PM: The Game

    8:00PM: Gilmore Girls
    9:00PM: Veronica Mars

    8:00PM: Beauty and the Geek
    9:00PM: One Tree Hill

    8:00PM: Smallville
    9:00PM: Supernatural

    8:00PM: WWE

    7:00PM: Reba reruns
    7:30PM: Reba
    8:00PM: 7th Heaven
    9:00PM: Beauty and the Geek encores

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    The only thing that I think is keeping CW alive is Smallville and Supernatural! Don't understand how they can be making it with such a poor lineup of shows.


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    The wwe does pull in very strong ratings as of late.

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    Yes but the thing is WWE doesn't make money for The CW. The ad rates are dirt cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TVViewer View Post
    Yes but the thing is WWE doesn't make money for The CW. The ad rates are dirt cheap.

    That is about to change very very soon.

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    It wont though, because even though it get's good ratings advertisers don't want it because of the demo watching. The demo that watches WWE Smackdown doesn't make much money and therefore doesn't have much money to spend. The CW has trouble just finding advertisers to buy ads for Smackdown even though it get's a good amount of viewers.

    It's always been like this, WWE Smackdown used to do even better when it aired on UPN Thursdays, UPN moved it to Fridays though because they could make more money selling ad rates for much lower rated comedies.

    That's why WWE Smackdown is on Fridays, because it's the only night where they wont lose money from it



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