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    2007: Toronto's Top Shows!

    The other thread was getting kinda long so I decided to start a new one for the new year!

    It's pretty cool to compare this years ratings to last year, and this falls ratings to last fall, you can see Toronto's top 30 shows for last year & fall 2006 at this link

    Well then, back to 2007

    BBM Nielsen Media discovered an error in it's data! From October 23rd 2006 to January 28th 2007 some BBM Nielsen ratings for some shows were not being counted. This messed up the ratings. BBM Nielsen discovered the problem and fixed the ratings, here are the updated ratings for those dates, this didn't effect the ratings too much but it did change some of the rankings around.

    So once again, The ratings from OCTOBER 23rd 2006 - JANUARY 28th 2007 have been UPDATED

    To view the UPDATED RATINGS from OCTOBER 23rd 2006 - December 31st 2006 for TORONTO CLICK ON THIS LINK -

    TORONTO'S TOP 30 SHOWS FOR JAN 1st-7th 2007 (UPDATED!)

    1. CSI (CTV)
    2. Desperate Housewives (CTV)
    3. Law and Order SVU (CTV)
    4. Law and Order CI (CTV)
    5. ER (CTV)
    6. Law and Order (CTV)
    7. Criminal Minds (CTV)
    8. Hockey Night in Canada Game 1 (CBC)
    9. Ghost Whisperer (CTV)
    10. CSI Miami (CTV)
    11. The Simpsons (Global)
    12. Cold Case (CTV)
    13. CTV Evening News (CTV)
    14. CSI New York (CTV)
    15. CTV National News (CTV)
    16. Ugly Betty (City TV)
    17. Close to Home (CTV)
    18. CSI (CTV)
    19. CBC Movie (CBC)
    20. CTV Evening News Weekend (CTV)
    21. The Apprentice (Global)
    22. Jeopardy (CTV)
    23. Medium (CTV)
    24. House (Global)
    25. Deal or No Deal (Global)
    26. Great Canadian Invention (CBC)
    27. Criminal Minds (CTV)
    28. NCIS (CH)
    29. The War at Home (Global)
    30. NFL Football (Global)
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