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    Citytv Fall Premiere Dates

    Citytv Fall Premiere Dates (projected)

    All information is posted based on the fall premiere dates that have been released so far by the U.S. networks (FOX, ABC, CBS, The CW, NBC). Over the course of the summer, this will be continue to be updated as more changes take place.

    New shows are in BOLD

    I don't work for Citytv but this is what I think it will look like more or less. If anyone can verify and confirm these dates, that would be greatly appreciated.

    The schedule is listed in chronological order and is subject to change:


    Saturday, September 5
    8:00pm: Ford Models Supermodel of the World Canada

    Monday, September 14
    10:00pm: The Jay Leno Show (weeknights) (S-NBC)

    Tuesday, September 15
    8:00pm: The Biggest Loser (S-NBC)

    Thursday, September 17
    8:30pm: Parks and Recreation (S-NBC)
    9:30pm: Community (S-NBC)

    Monday, September 21
    8:00pm: How I Met Your Mother (S-CBS)
    8:30pm: Accidentally On Purpose (S-CBS)

    Wednesday, September 23
    8:00pm: Mercy (S-NBC)
    9:00pm: Modern Family (S-ABC)
    9:30pm: Cougar Town (S-ABC)

    Sunday, September 27
    7:00pm: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (2 hours) (S-ABC)

    Monday, September 28
    9:00pm: Trauma (S-NBC)

    Saturday, October 3
    8:00pm: Glenn Martin DDS
    8:30pm: Out There

    Sunday, October 4
    8:00pm: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Regular Time Period Premiere) (S-ABC)
    9:00pm: My Rona Home (Citytv Premiere)

    Thursday, October 8
    8:00pm: Community (Regular Time Period Premiere) (S-NBC)

    Friday, October 9
    8:00pm: Ugly Betty (2 hours) (S-ABC)

    Thursday, October 15
    9:30pm: 30 Rock (S-NBC)

    Friday, October 16
    8:00pm: Supernanny (S-ABC)
    9:00pm: Ugly Betty (Regular Time Period Premiere) (S-ABC)

    Not yet scheduled: Conviction Kitchen, Murdoch Mysteries
    Mercy (originally scheduled for midseason) pushed up to fall premiere; Parenthood pushed back to midseason by NBC

    RECENT EDIT (7/28): Schedule changes involving Mercy and Parenthood
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