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    Jul 2006

    Armed and Famous cancelled!

    Do to low ratings vs FOX's American Idol, Armed and Famous has been pulled from CBS effective immediately. reruns of CSI New York & Criminal Minds will air on CBS Wednesdays at 8:00PM until Jericho returns.

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    Sep 2006
    That show looked interesting I bet if it wasnt up against american idol it wouldnt have been cancled.

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    Jul 2006
    Yep. American Idol just kills EVERYTHING that airs against it. It is pretty much like a hurricane.

    The fact is that American Idol ends up beating every other show on every other network combined for the night, that's amazing. American Idol is like getting The Ocscars & The Super Bowl every week!

    on Tuesdays, American Idol kills everything, the only show that does OK aganist it is the very old skewing NCIS on CBS. Everything else is dead.

    on Wednesdays once again the show show that does OK vs American Idol is the old skewing Criminal Minds, mind you even Criminal Minds was hurt alot.

    I would say that NBC & ABC (mostly ABC though) are hurt the most by American Idol. They are just completely dead when American Idol is on the air (even Deal or No Deal doesn't do well vs American Idol)

    If you air reality against it then it's doing to die, and that's just what CBS did. They put Armed and Famous vs American Idol and Armed and Famous was not able to protect itself. The CW is also hurt by this, Beauty and the Geek it down a ton vs American Idol.

    So ya people sometimes ask why networks don't try vs American Idol when the reason is that American Idol kills everything, it's also the reason why ABC moved Lost to 10:00PM, just so it didn't have to face American Idol.



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