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    Super Bowl - HD...or...?

    I understand that the U.S. HD feeds of the NFC and AFC Championships two weeks ago were covered by Canadian providers at Global's request...and their version of HD didn't go over well in some parts of the country. Personally, I didn't see either game, so I can't say what they looked like on Star Choice.
    Sadly...with the Super Bowl this weekend...Global will likely do the same again. The strange thing is--during the regular season, Global did no signal subs on the U.S. HD channels. It will be interesting to see what happens...
    In any event, it's time for the network to embrance HD, especially in light of the steadily growing numbers of HD sets across the country. In its defence, Global said that the vast majority of its programming is not available in HD. Nonetheless--it's odd to note that it's the only major Canadian network not dabbling in the format...and they should.
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    They do dabble, only on Bell and Rogers (I believe). They don't actually have a true OTA HD/Digital transmitter however. Bell are all too willing to simsub anyway, especially when they also use their own TSN to simsub.

    I don't watch football myself but may turn to the Superbowl this weekend to see how Global handles things.

    As for the amount of HD Global has, well they will broadcast a show in HD if they are airing it at the same time as the US network originating the show. If they air it at other times they only have the SD feed, apparently they don't have a HD server yet.

    Meanwhile many of us have the ability to timeshift HD ourselves with DVR's :)

    Speaking of HD, I just noticed that Jeopardy is airing in HD now on some stations.

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    Ok, notification: Bell Express Vu only owns 15% of the know named CTVglobemedia. They are not the big owners anymore.

    Interestingly, Torstar (toronto star), owns a big chunk and the corp. owns Globe & Mail.

    And Bell did not simsub the HD superbowl.

    Now Rogers is in bed with Global bigtime. All the rogers ads are on Global and Global specialty channels. They had tons of ads on the superbowl. Bell has no obligation to Global> but Rogers seems deep in bed with them.

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    Bell used to be so CTV biased. I remember getting my Bell VU Magazine for my satalite every month and it was just filled with CTV ads and they only talked about CTV shows. They never said anything about Global, when they rarely mentioned Global shows they would never say airing on Global, they would only say "airing on FOX" or "airing on NBC", But if it was a CTV show they would say "airing on CBS & CTV"

    Global & Rogers have really teamed up. Rogers Sportsnet Ontario now produces all of Global Ontario's sports reports. Global Ontario pretty much fired everyone from their sports team and replaced them with reports produced by Rogers Sportsnet.

    Funny because CTV & Rogers share the rights to the 2010 Olympic Winter games.

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    Yeah Bell only has 15% loyalty to CTV..

    But Global and Rogerss have the sportscast thing. And most Rogers ads are on Global and Global specialty channels. AND Rogers and Global had a HDTV superbowl promo out together.

    So for Rogers and Global.. simsubbing will be going on.



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