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    Suggestion for Retro Forum

    As a regular member of this discussion forum, I've noticed how much this forum has grown and evolved since its debut nearly three years ago.

    So many interesting topics, debates, arguments, information that's been passed along by each of the posters on this board.

    However, I noticed something missing...a forum for discussing Retro stuff. While I understand very well that we discuss for the most part things that are happening currently in the world of TV, I notice the only time that old TV shows or related stuff from previous decades (ranging from the early days of TV to the 1990s) are brought up is when we are discussing about channels carrying that type of programming (Dejaview, TV Land, various channels offering such programs in their schedule).

    Given the topic forums listed at the moment, I'm not sure where I would be able to post a thread regarding for instance, a Canadian show in the 1980s. I could post it under Kids' Programming, but only if it was a Saturday morning show that I remembered watching when I was a child. I could post it under Chit Chat, but my post would likely be lost in a sea of other posts that are completely unrelated with mine. At least with a Retro forum, it's open to anything anybody wants to discuss whether it's a show, a network, memories, whatever, and not restricted - it can come from OTA, specialty, Canadian, American, international, English, French, etc.

    Based on looking at the home page, I don't know where it would fit at this point. Maybe an extra category in the General Discussion and Support Forum titled "Miscellaneous/Retro" could be added there. The way I see it, "Chit Chat" is general, but it places more emphasis on the issues/topics regarding TV, "Website Support and Discussion" is essentially offering comments/suggestions about the site, and "Cable and Satellite Discussion" is more or less self-explanatory.

    I think it's a worthwhile suggestion and I'm sure many others feel the same way, since there are many posters on this board who like to discuss TV-related stuff from the past.

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    Feb 2009
    Prince Edward Island
    I think a retro forum is a great idea! :)
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    Jun 2009

    Love My RetroTv as well

    It's always nice to see Old Shows back on TV especially the ones I grew up to watch like All In The Family, Goodtimes, Flintstones , The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie in all!!!

    And Places Like Deja View and Teletoon Retro are such wonderful destinations to see all that Old stuff back on Tv and especially Turner Clasic Movies for Older Black and white Films without the Swearing on them!!! And most PBS stations have a few Old Shows such as Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, All Creatures great and Small, Dr. Who and Monty Pythons Flying Circus where available..the reason I say that where available is because not all Programming on PBS Stations are always the same depending on where you are and what source your Cable or Satellite Provider carries for example Bell carries Boston's WGBH and Shaw Direct has your choice of either PBS Buffalo or Deroit Feed and where I am Our Provider carries Buffalo and My Hometown carries Detroit Stations on their Cable Lineups!!!

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    May 2006
    I've renamed the workshop forum to Retro TV. The workshop forum had only two topics created since we launched...

    Lets start with this to see where it goes. If there's enough new posts where the discussion of old programming interferes with the topics about current programming on the retro-type specialty channels like Dejaview, TV Land etc, then we'll consider creating a new forum in the General discussion.

    Thanks for your suggestion lostjon. If anyone else have any other suggestions for this board, don't hesitate to post it here or PM mo or Tripster. We'll be happy to consider your request.
    Randi Dertzo



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