CTS & OMNI Alberta stations will be added at some point as they have to add those due to CRTC regulations.

Most of the HD channels listed will probably be added once the new satellite is in operation, however we are talking about Shaw Direct here so you never know what they will do. They do not appear to like CBC so I don't see CBC News Network HD be added any time soon unfortunately.

As for the specialty channels you have listed, most of those are low rated and not really worth adding IMO. The only ones that I would say would be added for sure are ABC Spark (it will replace Dusk in the lineup) and Silver Screen Classics (as well as Movieola, Salt + Light Television & Disney Jr.) which are carried by Shaw Cable. Also, you did not mention the Hollywood suite channels, I would prefer to see them add those then any of the ones you have listed and IMO they have a broader appeal then any of the specialty channels you want added.

TLN en Espanol & Sky TG24 Canada
cannot be added due to Shaw's owenership of Corus and the Cat. B rule (they don't have enough competing Cat. B channels to be able to add these or other channels they own like Global Reality Channel).