Re: the footage I anxiously waited for ALL day. I’m not sure what you all got to see but the only footage here in N.B Canada was at 10pm on Bravo-"Live at the Genies" & was maybe 40 mins long. I am so annoyed right now. :mad: It was the worst awards show coverage I’ve ever seen & I am personally a little embarrassed for Canada! IMO> the hosts thought it was all about them or something, the whole show was rushed with minute footage of the actual awards & the Trailer Park Boys got wayyy too much time to say nothing! Ok I can appreciate them on some level, but this represents Canadian movies/cinema people.
And the amount of time allotted for Roy Dupuis-Best Male lead- to speak with host after, annoyed me immensely, not to mention the question -IF that was to be her only one! Can we give the guy some credit for his interpretation & acting here -just for a second. I'm just annoyed that they rushed the whole show & we didn't get to see very much footage of actual awards show-just hosts rambling so fast it was embarrassing for Canada. People abroad wanted to watch this as well as they have their fav Canadian actors & movies & this coverage did NOT do Canada justice at all! So...if it's not about "Hollywood Canadians" we don't care?? Well you'll find you are wrong! And many actors just don't WANT to do the Hollywood scene (who coould blame them??!) The films for Genies are real stories with terrific actors (though obviously under-appreciated). Canadian, Indie, Foreign films have given my love for film back to me- NOT the "Hollywood Blockbuster" movies- eg. 'Snakes on a plane' lol please-I will NEVER watch this movie-so unnecessary! Very disappointed Canadian here. Hopefully next yr the Genies will get the exposure it deserves! I think Patrick Huard said it best -“If the money making people could get out of the way & let the story telling people through… ;)