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    Quote Originally Posted by vanessab View Post
    No argument here - Carolyn should anchor either News Hour or News Hour Final ... I don't agree that she should be left just to weekends. I do feel though that she does better anchoring solo than co-anchoring. I totally agree with moving Antony Robart to the anchor desk - he is very good.

    Does anyone know if the rumours are true - is Anne Mroczkowski joining Global in a few weeks??
    It's true. They announced it on tonights newscast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanessab View Post
    My own 2 cents on the matter - Anne Marie's departure is not a good thing for Global ... she was a big part of what made the News Hour 'different' from the other evening newscasts.

    I suggest Global return Robin Gill to Toronto to fill this spot or locate Sarika Sehgal.
    Sarika Sehgal is gorgeous and has a pleasant voice. I totally agree they should locate her.
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