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    ABC Officially Cancels Hank

    ABC Cancels Hank

    ABC has canceled the freshman comedy starring Kelsey Grammer. The show is filming episode 10 and will stop production after wrapping that episode.

    ABC, which has aired five half-hours of "Hank," has no immediate plans to run the remaining five segments.

    For the next few weeks, the network will air a combination of comedy repeats and holiday specials in "Hank's" Wednesday 8 p.m. time slot. (ABC already preempted the freshman comedy once for a Charlie Brown Halloween special last month.)

    "Hank" was the odd duck in ABC's all-new two-hour Wednesday comedy block as it was the only traditional sitcom in a field of single-camera series.

    It was mostly bashed by critics and has underperformed in the ratings in its 8 p.m. slot, kicking off the two-hour comedy block.

    ABC has already picked up its other three new comedies, "Modern Family," "Cougar Town" and "The Middle," for a full season.

    "Hank" joins another ABC freshman casualty, Wednesday drama "Eastwick," which also was recently canceled after 13 episodes.
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    Good move on ABC's part, that show was horrible. I feel pretty bad for Kelsey though, his last two shows were flops canceled within their first season.

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    I agree with Simsub Hater, I tried watching it (because I like Kelsey Grammer), but it was horrible. I could barely get through one episode.

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    I blame his first attempt, the newsroom/sitcom one on the writers strike. I thought that had a lot of potential.



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