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    Sep 2006

    Air Farce at 300

    Well Friday at 8 is Air Farces 300th episode which is also its season finale. I was hoping for series finally but this will do. Well anyways its going to be a live show with a whole bunch of (canadian) celebrities like three cast members from Little Mosque on the Prarie and the old guy from Corner Gas and Mary Walsh to top it all off there adding a new cast member.

    I dont think this show still deserves to be on the air its gotten really bad in the last 3-4 years and barley funny. Does Air Farce still need to be on ther air ? and whos watching cause im pretty sure the shows been geting horrible ratings..

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    Jul 2006
    What show on the CBC doesn't get horrible ratings?

    Compared to other shows on the CBC, Air Farce does pretty good, that's why it's still on the air. It's also alot cheaper than most of CBC's shows.

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    Jul 2006
    Yeah I don't get that type of comedy that they do on that show, I don't find it funny at all. But as long as it does well for the CBC, who cares, I don't see why it should come off tho.

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    it's not the worlds best comedy.

    i personally can't take that jessica holmes. i mean, a liza minelli impression? could she be less relevant?

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    I have seen way WAY *WAY* **WAY** to much bias in that show and how they bend over for the Liberal Party.



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