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    Ideas for

    Every year, falltvpreview provides information about new shows and fall programming information of more than 100 channels. The 2007 edition will launch in mid-may when U.S. networks announce their fall schedules. I would like to have you comments and suggestions on improving this website's content and presentation.

    I've been doing this fall preview since at least 1998 and plan to do it for many more years but each year, I add more and more feature and it has come to a point where I have to watch out so the quality doesn't pay for quantity. I felt the 2006 edition reached that point. There was just too much work to keep it all in the next edition.

    Please comment on any of the following:
    - Comments on the shows page.
    - Comments on the channel info page.
    - Comments on the premiere dates section.
    - Comments on the main page.
    - Comments on the U.S. nets schedules.
    - Any suggestions on new features you'd like to see?

    Just for fun, I searched the web archives (it is a website that basically keeps an archive of a website at different dates) and found various past editions of the fall preview. As you'll see it changed quite a bit over the years!
    - 1998-1999 Edition
    - 1999-2000 Edition
    - 2003-2004 Edition
    - 2004-2005 Edition

    Feel free to post comments and suggestions here or you can also PM me or e-mail me.

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    Randi Dertzo



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