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    Sep 2006

    cw cancels 7th heaven... again

    the CW canceled 7th heaven for its second and final time i would guess. I think cw cancled it because it didnt fit in it demographic like Reba did but im not entirely sure

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    Jul 2006
    It was cancelled because well, the ratings were horrible. Why? Because The CW moved it to a new night. Dawn killed 7th Heaven just like she did Reba.

    Really though, 7th Heaven should have ended last season. I have never watched the show but the fact that it came back after ending is just stupid, and now its going out with it's lowest ratings ever.

    Really I don't get what The CW is trying to do, they say they want this demo but then go and kill The WB's #1 comedy & strongest show? Really I don't think anything can save The CW now, almost everything is down from last year even though they have more coverage. They need a bunch of new shows fast.

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    What do all these affiliate stations do?

    If CW closes down and if MyTV closed down, their would be lots of independents...

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    Jul 2006
    I bet alot of these local affiliates will just shut down if The CW & MyNetworkTV decided to shut down. Right now it doesn't seem likely but in 5 years if both networks are still doing the same as they are now I wouldn't be surprised.



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