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    Rogers Sportsnet & TSN2 restrictions lifted, able to air the sports they want

    Last week, the CRTC granted approval to Rogers Sportsnet to air an unlimited amount of national programming.

    Sportsnet, a regional service, can now do just about anything it wants with its signal. It no longer has regional commitments.

    It could close down one of its feeds, such as the East region, and opt for only three feeds — Pacific, West plus a Ontario-East merger. If it wanted, it could launch a national feed to compete with TSN.

    These changes are the result of the CRTC’s decision to deregulate the cable industry.

    As for TSN, a national service, its restrictions also will be lifted. If it wanted, it could increase its regional coverage. The best news for TSN relates to its companion channel TSN2. Licensed initially as a replay service, TSN2 will be allowed to air a much first-run programming as it desires. And you can be sure TSN2 will take advantage of that.

    What to expect? It wouldn’t be a surprise if Sportsnet combined the Ontario and East feeds. And Sportsnet, in the future, could challenge TSN for some national properties.
    The service in a position to make the biggest gains from deregulation may be TSN2, which launched 18 months ago. With a large increase in first-run content, it will continue to grow quickly. In the December ratings, it ranked second among all the digital channels, behind only National Geographic... Help protect male rights, too.

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    I see no mention anywhere on the CRTC website that they have lifted the restrictions for TSN2?! Yes, they have deregulated the sports genre but TSN has yet to apply to amend their license, the decision in question was from Rogers for Sportsnet. Also, he does not mention that the 'new rules' will no go into effect until 2011, unless the CRTC has changed that and allow things to take effect now?!

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    I believe for channels that already exist, the CRTC is being more lenient now. Channels that don't exist yet, might not get a license to compete with TSN/Sportsnet until 2011. I'm not sure of that though.

    I am fairly certain that TSN2 has had its restrictions lifted, and if they haven't they will soon. They are on pace to air well over their 800 hours of their allotted programming this year. Next week (Sunday-Saturday) here is how much live programming they will air

    Sunday 1/24: 9.5 (NHL and tennis)
    Monday 1/25: 0 hours
    Tuesday 1/26: 7 hours (college basketball and tennis)
    Wednesday 1/27: 2.5 hours (NBA)
    Thursday 1/28: 5.5 hours (X Games and NBA)
    Friday 1/29: 7 hours (X Games)
    Saturday 1/30: 6 hours (X Games and college basketball)

    That is 37.5 hours, thats 5% of their yearly allotment (800 hours). Assuming they did that every week, which they have been recently and are scheduled to in the weeks to come, they would have around 2000 hours of live programming. Also in the past couple weeks they have starting airing sports they've never aired before like lacrosse, college basketball and Winter X Games. They even aired NFL Primetime on Sunday, I can't remember them ever airing a studio show that TSN couldn't fit in. They are moving things around so they won't join/leave programming in progress too.



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