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Thread: Global? HD?

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    Global? HD?

    I recently sent an e-mail to Global Toronto (CIII), asking why the network wasn't doing any high-def broadcasting. The curt response back said that it won't happen until most of their shows become available in HD.

    ... say what??
    "Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill..."

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    Global-HD (CIII-DT) only airs HD programming when they air an American show at the same time as the american channel.

    Have they aired Falcon Beach in HD?

    And they are not OTA in Toronto yet.

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    Global hates HD, and HD lovers hate Global!

    They got SO MUCH bad PR during the superbowl about the HD simsub.

    Global better start moving towards HD. Thats where MANY people are moving too for new tvs.

    First their was black and white.

    Then their was color

    now their is stereo! and now HD!

    Global, will move to HD eventually, its like moving to color, some networks went rate into color, and others huffed and puffed a bit.



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