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Thread: CNN looking...

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    CNN looking...

    A U.S. cable trade mag recently mentioned that CNN will go high-def in September '07.

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    NBC Nightly News went HighDef a few weeks ago.. but its just the studio in HD, not the reporters.

    It will slowly get better as cameras are replaced.

    Same with CNN "HD" it will be HD in the studio and SD on reports.

    Does looking at the anchors faces in HD really matter?

    Rate now news in HD is not that great, and will have to get better.

    I hope we get FNC-HD!

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    I think you'll see the HD news channels operate like KOMO-DT in Seattle. Basically the in-studio and some special reports in the field will get done in HD, as new cameras come on board more field reports will be HD. In the meantime though, the field reports will be shot in 16:9 mode since the broadcast cameras they use have that option.

    A friend of mine does some camera work for A-Channel and he mentioned that feature on the cameras. Of course they are using 4:3 now.

    If you watch KOMO's local newscast in HD you'll see this in action. Basically the in-studio stuff is HD but the field reports are actually SD shot in 16:9. Still looks presentable though.

    Then there is KING, yikes, I think they may have 2 HD cameras in studio now but for a while they had one and would focus it on one anchor at a time, so when they'd switch between them you'd have one in HD then a switch to SD for the next story, very annoying.



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