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    Which Programs Will Be Renewed For Next Season

    Here is the Hollywood Reporter's take ....
    'V,' 'Heroes' among bubble shows

    Status of several series still uncertain as upfronts creep closer

    With the May upfronts creeping closer, networks have pared the number of remaining shows considered on the bubble for renewal.

    Fox's "Fringe," the CW's "Smallville" and NBC's "Community" were rescued by their networks. Fox's "24" and ABC's "Ugly Betty" were not as lucky. Meanwhile, broadcasters have received added clarity about the strength of their remaining uncertain contenders for next season.

    On ABC, "FlashForward" and "V" had nearly even odds for a pickup during their four-month hiatus. Now that they've returned, "FlashForward" is considered highly unlikely to get a second season, as its ratings having dropped below the 2.0 threshold in the key 18-49 adult demographic on Thursday nights.

    After its midseason premiere last week, "V" remains uncertain, but if the sci-fi drama can maintain its current ratings level, the show's evil reptiles will most likely invade ABC next season.

    On NBC, "Heroes" is the network's biggest question mark, with the Peacock strongly considering a final-season order. Like every bubble show, the quality of the network's pilots will play a key role in deciding how many shows return. "Chuck" is less of a mystery -- the network is more optimistic this year than last. If freshman drama "Parenthood" can remain stable in the coming weeks, NBC likely will give the series another shot in the fall. "Law & Order" is pricey and modestly rated -- the two most lethal causes of death for older shows -- but NBC will find it tough to resist the lure of making "L&O" the longest-running drama series in history.

    NBC's medical dramas are another story. "Trauma" has no chance for a pickup, and "Mercy" is on life support. NBC keeps pulling for "Mercy" to succeed and feels the show has creatively improved, but its numbers are below the line and this week it was beaten by a repeat of the game show "Minute to Win It" NBC put in its Wednesday slot.

    NBC's other game show, "The Marriage Ref," is considered a lock for a pickup. Although its ratings have slipped a fair amount, "Ref" has performed solidly for an unscripted program in a tough time period.

    Fox only has a couple of bubble shows left: "Human Target" and the new comedy "Sons of Tucson." "Target" has managed to win a humble Wednesday time period with an equally humble number. But the network likes the show, and its ratings have appeared to stabilize at a level Fox finds acceptable for its slot.

    Like most live-action comedies put into Fox's Sunday animated lineup, "Tucson" has struggled to gain traction and is considered a long shot for a comeback.

    For a network with few slots to fill, CBS has plenty of bubble shows: "Cold Case," "Numbers," "Ghost Whisperer," "Medium," "Accidentally on Purpose," "Gary Unmarried" and "The New Adventures of Old Christine."

    This group is tougher to prognosticate as all the shows are fairly stable in the ratings and CBS pilots will play a heavy deciding role. "Numbers" and "Cold Case" are considered the least likely to return among the dramas, with "Old Christine" the most likely renewal on the comedy side.

    On the CW, veteran "One Tree Hill" and freshman "Life Unexpected" continue to duke it out for a presumed single slot on next season's schedule, with the former tending to pull stronger ratings but the latter a less expensive show.
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    Of the Shows mentioned above - my take

    Law & Order (NBC) Renewed
    Heroes (NBC) Should be cancelled
    Marriage Ref (NBC) Renewed - Already confirmed
    FlashForward (ABC) Cancelled
    V (ABC) Renewed
    Mercy (NBC) Cancelled
    Trama (NBC) Cancelled
    Parenthood (NBC) Should be cancelled
    Cold Case (CBS) Cancelled
    Numbers (CBS) Cancelled
    Ghost Whisperer (CBS) Renewed
    Medium (CBS) Renewed
    Accidentally on Purpose (CBS) Cancelled
    Gary Unmarried (CBS) Cancelled
    The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS) Renewed
    Human Target (FOX) Renewed
    Son of Tuscon (FOX) Cancelled
    Chuck (NBC) Renewed
    One Tree Hill (CW) Renewed
    Life Unexpected (CW) Cancelled

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    My take on scripted shows, more scientific way, not in a "I like/I don't like this show" way...

    Note: I am not mentionning shows whose cancellation have already been confirmed and is no longer on the schedule.

    - Melrose Place's ratings are bad, so cancellation
    - Life Unexpected and One Tree Hill have good survival chances.
    - All other CW shows have been renewed.

    - 24 already confirmed last season
    - Sons of Tucson already cancelled, Brothers is lowest rating so gets cancelled.
    - Lie To Me comes back this summer to burn off remaining episodes, then gets cancelled.
    - Human Target has "chances" to be renewed since it doesn't air on fridays.
    - House will be renewed unless actors contracts problems
    - All other FOX shows have already been renewed.

    - Numb3rs, Medium, Old Christine, Gary, Cold Case will be cancelled.
    - Accidentally gets another chance with a schedule change
    - CSI Franchise, NCIS, Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Engagement and Ghost will be renewed.
    - All other CBS shows have already been renewed.

    - Lost already confirmed last season. Depe End ended and won't come back.
    - Forgotten, Ted and Scrubs will be cancelled.
    - V might have a chance, Flashforward will be cancelled due to ratings.
    - Desperate, Anatomy, Practice will be renewed.
    - All other ABC shows have already been renewed.

    - Mercy and Trauma will get cancelled.
    - Heroes and Chuck's faith are in danger.
    - L&O Franchise and Parenthood will be renewed
    - All other NBC shows have already been renewed.
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    My take on the scripted shows

    Renewals - Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, Parenthood
    Cancellations - Mercey, Trauma and one of Heroes or Chuck (I'd guess Chuck)

    Renewals - NCIS, CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Rules of Engagement, Accidentily on Purpose, Ghost Whisperer
    Cancellations - Numb3rs, Medium, Old Christine, Cold Case

    Renewals - Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, 'V', Private Practice
    Cancellations - FlashForward, The Forgotton, The Deep End, Better Off Ted

    Renewals - House, Human Target (goes to Friday nights)
    Cancellations - Lie To Me, Sons of Tuscan, Brothers

    The CW
    Renewals - One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected
    Cancellations - Melrose Place

    I really wish that FlashForward would get a second season and Heroes will be cancelled.

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    I'll give my take:

    Mercy - Cancelled

    Trauma - Cancelled (episode order already reduced; was previously cancelled earlier this season only to be brought back midseason)

    Heroes - Should be cancelled but wouldn't be surprised if renewed

    Chuck - Should be cancelled but wouldn't be surprised if renewed

    Law & Order - Renewed only so that it can set a mark for being the longest-running drama in TV history

    Law & Order: SVU - Renewed mainly because of higher ratings among the L&O franchise

    Parenthood - Renewal likely because of high ratings among the new NBC dramas this season

    NCIS / CSI / CSI: Miami / CSI: NY / Criminal Minds / The Mentalist - Renewed; all shows are safe but expect timeslot changes for some of the CSI shows

    Ghost Whisperer - Could go either way

    Medium - Should be cancelled, has not performed any better than NBC by CBS ratings standards (and given the strength of other dramas)

    NUMB3RS - Cancelled due to declining ratings this season

    Cold Case - Cancelled

    Accidentally on Purpose - Cancelled

    Gary Unmarried - Cancelled

    The New Adventures of Old Christine - Could go either way

    America`s Funniest Home Videos - Renewed

    The Bachelor - Renewed

    Dancing With the Stars - Lock for renewal

    Desperate Housewives - Renewed but could be final season (if ratings continue to decline)

    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - Renewed but could move timeslot

    Grey`s Anatomy - Renewed

    Private Practice - Renewed

    FlashForward - Likely to be cancelled now (Declining ratings, lengthy hiatus, production problems)

    V - Could go either way, but if ratings continue to slide, same fate like FlashForward

    the forgotten - Cancelled

    The Deep End - Cancelled

    Better Off Ted - Cancelled

    Scrubs - Cancelled

    House - Should be locked for renewal

    Human Target - Renewed (by gosh, please DO NOT move it to Friday)

    Sons of Tucson - Cancelled (already scheduled to burn off in summer)

    Lie to Me - Could go either way, but leaning more towards cancelled


    One Tree Hill - Should be cancelled but likely to be renewed

    Melrose Place - Cancelled

    Life Unexpected - Should be renewed and could go either way

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    I agree with NBJosh's predictions with the exception of Lie to Me, I see it coming back. FOX simply didn't have room on it's mid-season schedule, and since U.S. cable networks have had huge success with scripted programming in summer (Psych, In Plain Sight, Drop Dead Diva, ect..) FOX stated that there is no reason FOX can't have that same success.

    Another bubble show I can see coming back is Numb3rs, because unlike the other CBS bubble shows, Numb3rs is produced by in-house at CBS, the rest are produced by Warner Brothers.

    As for Life Unexpected, I can't believe this show is on the bubble! It's getting the same ratings as the rest of the shows on The CW (it's actually getting better ratings than 90210) yet 90210 is renewed and Life Unexpected is on the bubble.
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    Another bubble show I can see coming back is Numb3rs, because unlike the other CBS bubble shows, Numb3rs is produced by in-house at CBS, the rest are produced by Warner Brothers.
    I don't see this show coming back for the simple reason that CBS needs room in their schedule for the Hawaii Five-O remake and the much rumored Criminal Minds spin-off that is coming in the fall.

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    Some stories are claiming ABC is interested in the Julia Louis-Dreyfus sitcom if CBS drops it.
    I'm a little surprised it's lasted as long as it has. I suppose it's not the worst thing on TV, but I thought her other post-Seinfeld sitcom (where she was a jazz singer, and Steve Carell played her ex-boyfriend) was much better.

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    FOX renews Lie to Me, Human Target, pick up four pilots

    Fox picks up four pilots, renews 'Lie,' 'Target'

    Exclu: Fox has picked up four pilots to series for next season and has renewed bubble shows "Lie to Me" and "Human Target."

    The network has greenlighted Shawn Ryan's latest police drama "RideAlong" and Texas-set drama "Midland" (now likely called "Lone Star"), as well as single-camera comedies "Traffic Light" and "Keep Hope Alive."

    The decisions represent the network's first wave of pickups for next season.

    "RideAlong" is set in Chicago and follows a rogue cowboy cop and the city's first female police chief as they try to clean up the streets. "Midland" is a dramatic soap about a con man in the oil industry.

    Greg Garcia's single parent half-hour "Keep Hope Alive" and the male relationship comedy "Traffic Light" have been early frontrunner for a pickup, and are expected to represent at least a one-hour comedy block for the network's fall schedule.

    The network is also set to renew "Lie to Me" for a third season despite Ryan departing as showrunner.

    Warner Bros.-produced "Human Target" will get a second season with Matt Miller ("Chuck") taking over as showrunner (with first season showrunner Jonathan Steinberg continuing as an executive producer on the series).

    No word yet on the fate of other pilot frontrunners such as Steven Spielberg's "Terra Nova" and "Breakout Kings."

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    A lot of buzz heading into next week's upfronts:

    For more of the latest news, check out The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline Hollywood and Variety continue to provide updates. I will also be updating the 2010-2011 Season Preview threads for each of the American networks on these forums.

    In addition to the four pilots FOX ordered to series on Wednesday along with the renewals of "Lie to Me" and "Human Target", they picked up the comedy pilot "Running Wilde".

    Over at NBC, the latest show to get picked up to series was the comedy "Perfect Couples". However, it appears that "Heroes" and "Law & Order" could end up being left off for next season.

    Rather than have "Heroes" returning for another season, it will likely conclude in the form of a 2-hour movie for TV. As for "Law & Order", its possible cancellation would make it fall one season short of becoming the longest running drama on network television since Gunsmoke. There's also been talk of TNT picking it up but in the meantime, NBC continues to work out a deal and any reports of its cancellation are premature.

    Finally, ABC started picking up pilots to series, beginning with the drama "No Ordinary Family". They picked up six more shows on Thursday, including the dramas "187 Detroit", "The Whole Truth" and "Generation Y", and comedies "Mr. Sunshine", "Better Together" and "Happy Endings". It's expected that more pilots will be picked up to series before week's end.

    And it looks like "V" has been renewed to ensure that the network has at least one new drama from this year returning for a second season. m_campaign=Feed%3A+live_feed+%28The+Hollywood+Repo rter+-+Live+Feed%29
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    As I mentioned in the NBC thread Law & Order: LA is expected to begin this fall, to me that basically guarantees that the original won't be back. Two Law & Orders is enough during one season (obviously plus CI during the summer).

    Nice to see Heroes wrap up with a 2 hour movie, a good way for it to go out. I wasn't going to commit to another 13+ hours.

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    Chuck & V Renewed

    'Chuck,' 'V' renewed for next season

    NBC, ABC series expected to receive 13-episode orders

    NBC's "Chuck" and ABC's "V" will get renewed for next season.

    Both Warner Bros. shows were on the bubble for a pickup due to borderline ratings, but sources say the shows will be back next season on their respective networks.

    Though modestly rated, "Chuck" has been NBC's steadiest show on Monday nights after "Heroes" sank in the Nielsens. While ABC's "V" was a steady performer on Tuesdays after "Lost" since it returned from hiatus and its most recent episode climbed slightly in the numbers. Both shows are expected to receive 13-episode orders.

    NBC's "Heroes" and ABC's other sci-fi freshman drama "FlashForward" continue to be in question, however, with the former possibly receiving a short-season order and the latter very unlikely to return.

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    Talking Canadian shows I don't like many on right now. I mostly watch comedy and there are no good ones any more! 22 Minutes, Rick Mercer, Hiccups, Dan for Mayor....they all need to die quick painful deaths they are so awful. Actually Less Than Kind is a good show so it aint all bad.



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