In an effort to end the off-topic discussion currently going on in "NFL and CTV Extend Multi-Year Broadcast Deal Through SUPER BOWL XLVIII" thread, IMve started this one in the hope we can find a solution to cut down on network bashing currently going on. I don't mind people bashing the networks, I have a problem seeing the same bashing going on almost every network release. Hopefully we can find a solution that will satisfy every partys.

to recap:

From toinfo
I agree that the quality of the forums have taken a hit because of all the network bashing. I still check in because sometimes I find something new I want to watch (often thanks to press releases or schedule updates posted by TVViewer or Everfresh), but seriously - there should be one "I don't like simsubbing" thread that I (and the rest of the membership outside the four or five that like to debate it ad nauseum) can easily ignore.
From Emarse
Agreed. I hate to bring up the competition, but Digital Home has a thread dedicated to CRTC bashing. I don't see why we can't have threads dedicated to simsub bashing, CRTC bashing, NFV bashing, etc.
From TVViewer
I agree with tofino and emarsee that there should be a single thread where these people can rant and vent all they want about the Canadian broadcasters. This forum would be a much better place if the bashing was done in a simple single thread instead of in a reply to almost every single press release and programming highlight.