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    Jul 2006
    In terms of the addition od [PR] to pr related threads, it kinda seems unnecessary. I think people generally know what is a pr and what isn't from the title itself, without needing the [PR]. And if they don't, when they open the thread, they will clearly see it's a pr anyways.

    I think the onyl way to resolve it, if only a little, is to delete off topic posts. And by off topic, I mean extremely obvious off topic posts, as sometimes it can be sort of a grey area.

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    I think if the mods really want to allow press releases then they should create a sub-forum in each network forum (CBC, CTV & Global) that would be specifically for PR's. This way they are all in one place and those who want to read them can go there and those that don't like them don't have to encounter them in the midst of other threads in the forum. Just my 0.02.

    Anyway, the point is here that we allow opinions to be voiced and we are in agreement that some members here seem to be making an attempt to drown out other opinions with their own by constantly rehashing their own viewpoints over and over again in any relevant threads.
    I think your statement here is the heart of the matter, the reason why many threads veer off topic almost from the get go and why their appears to be so much animosity amongst the more active (in terms of posting) members. What I would like to know is what is going to be done to curb this behaviour and ensure that people are allowed to express their views freely and not have to encounter those posters who like to shoot down people's points and rehash the same crap over and over again like a broken record?! There has to be some mechanism to monitor this, perhaps infractions or warnings issued to whomever does it. Just by telling people to be considerate of others and respect their opinions, does not mean they will stop doing what they are doing.

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    I think we could have a few accounts dedicated to posting press releases for whatever channels. Like having an account named CBC_PR for CBC press releases and CTVgm_PR for CTVgm press releases, etc.

    That way if the person doesn't want to see the press releases, all they have to do is add them to the ignore list.

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    Feb 2010
    As someone who once worked at a company large enough to have used public relations people, I can virtually assure you that the person who is, for whatever misguided motive, polluting this place as a self-appointed vigilant Canwest-Global warrior is not doing it with any authorization or instruction from that company. Making the company look bad by being obsessive and immature on an internet bulletin board is not something any competent person in that field would do. If it is a person who is in some way associated or employed with the company, they would be told to stop if found out, along with raising suspicion about the amount of time taken away from their appointed duties. If the person has no connection with the company, I don't know what to say except that a psychiatric evaluation may be in order for something that weird, if it is an adult.

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    Jul 2006

    I have never ever said I was sent here from Canwest, I have said many times that nobody is paying me to defend Canwest or LocalTVMatters on this forum. Does anyone really think Global would pay someone to come on here and defend CTV?

    Just because I agree with the 81% of Canadians who sent in CRTC comments that support local television doesn't mean i'm being paid to post here.

    I'm done with reading this thread, it was started for a way to stop off topic posts that bashed the broadcasters, and the broadcast bashers turned it into an anti-TVViewer thread.
    Last edited by TVViewer; 02-13-2010 at 01:53 AM.
    My views are my own and do not represent any company.

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    D.N. Reader, I can only assume you were illustrating Rand's original point. As for TVViewer, don't be a drama mama, some posts are just not worth responding to and D.N.'s was one of those types.
    "Frankly, you can take a good show and kill it by negligent scheduling and you can take the same show and make it a hit by brilliant scheduling. It's a real craft, and that wasn't practised much here because in private broadcasting up until now, the programmer's job was mostly to choose what to simulcast. The programming is effectively done in Los Angeles."
    - Ivan Fecan, Playback, January 3, 1994.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randi View Post
    Would putting a prefix like [PR] before the subject of the new topic where the content is a press release would be a good compromise? Everyone could easily identify the press releases from the other threads. This would keep relevant information about each broadcaster at the same place and would permit members to comment on the releases if needs be. Something like:

    [PR] CTV Delivers Canada’s #1 News Coverage of Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games
    Is [PR] prefix project still a proposition? Or have we agreed to use it? Or just a voluntary usage?
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.



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