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    Feb 2010

    sexuality on teletoon

    According to the Teletoon website, the tv show 6Teen is directed towards children ages 6 thru 11. My 8 year old daughter and I were watching it last night BEFORE 8pm and I was disgusted in what I heard.

    The subject was a school dance. In one scene, one of the female main characters was telling another that she was "gay", yes, she was "into girls".

    I object to the discussion of sexuality on a child's cartoon. I am not a prude, I have discussed, in very general terms, homosexuality, as well as, hetrosexuality with my daughter, and will continue these open conversations when the time is right. It is not the networks responsibility to ensure my daughter is sexually aware.

    It is inappropriate to discuss ANYONE"S sexuality on what SHOULD be a lighthearted, entertaining child focused show.

    I am cancelling Teletoon.

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    Aug 2009
    So it's not the school dance you have a problem with but the fact the girl wanted to dance with another girl? What about the "sexuality" (to use your term) of the boys dancing with girls? Do you have a problem with their hetrosexuality?

    Perhaps school dances should be banned from tv or better yet get rid of them all together in real life.

    If ala cart comes so I can sub to cable again I'll be happy to sub to Telletoon and TT Retro to make up for your subscription.



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