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    Quote Originally Posted by LOSat View Post
    In the not that there is anything wrong with that category, it seems Shaw Direct has had Playmen TV for a while now and it can be removed from the missing channel list for Shaw Direct.
    Lets add some more SD Channels being replaced on Shaw Direct This week to HD...

    CBC Calgary(CBRT)
    CTV Ottawa (CJOH)
    CBC North (CFYK)
    Global Kingston (CKWS)
    CTV2 Atlantic (ASN)
    CTV Sudbury (CICI)
    CTV Vancouver Island (CIVI)

    all join the ranks of being replaced from SD to HD. And this week more to come.
    Last edited by TvAntenna; 06-24-2019 at 08:36 AM.

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    Actually they all became HD Jun 4th.
    Playboy becomes HD tomorrow (10am) and a handful of Std Def channels drop, already available in HD, and a couple PPV channels change to HD. No more Std Def PPV.
    July 16 will bring some Std Def to HD conversions, effectively the Std Def drops at the same time.
    July 23 is the first whack of large Std Def drops.

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    Updated list,

    Bell TV has added the following channel:

    Fox Sports Racing (1421 HD)

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    Shaw Direct has added as of today
    W Network West HD
    Teletoon West HD
    and can be removed from the missing HD list

    Ride TV HD has launched on other providers but is not available in either Std Def or HD

    In addition Comedy Gold has shut down so it can be removed from the list.
    Last edited by LOSat; 09-18-2019 at 10:36 AM. Reason: Note about Comedy Gold

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    CTV Comedy West HD has been added and can be removed as missing from Shaw Directs lineup.



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