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    If Blackburn did re buy the station that they started what would it look like. Can the London Windsor Wingham market support and all news ( or day time all news ) station. It would be great if they could. CKNX in Wingham still has some radio reporters that at one time worked as tv reporters, so I think they would be okay in the North.

    It all comes down to money. Can they make Money or not!
    Blackburn was not making any money the first time, thats why they sold it to BBS ( CTV) many years ago.

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    If CFPL did reaffiliate with the CBC, it would likely end up doing the same thing several other privately-owned affiliates did, which was to drop all syndicated shows and carry only CBC programming outside of local news (which would correspondingly lead to falling ratings for the station outside of local newscasts and Hockey Night in Canada). CBC already has a repeater in London anyway, so such a move would make no sense.

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    CKPR will now become a CTV affiliate this fall.

    I'm not that surprised as there was nothing really unusual or unfair about CTV's proposed affiliation agreement for CHFD to begin with, it's just that it was so different from the existing agreement which was ridiculously slanted towards the benefit of CHFD, so it's understandable that Dougall Media would not be all that happy with CTV at the time and instead sign an agreement with Global, but now that CBC wants out of CKPR, it makes business sense to burry the hatchet and have the station become a CTV affiliate, especially since the City network might not even be around in a few years.

    This move also increases Dougall Media's dominance in the Thunder Bay market, they not only own a newspaper, 4 radio stations, and the only local source of television news in Thunder Bay, but now both a Global AND CTV affiliate.



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