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    Feb 2009

    Super Channel On The Rebound

    Its seems to me over the last few months the supper channel has done some good things and is on the rebound more or less.More and more seem to be very happy with them now and the new movies and series that are added.

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    Jul 2010

    SuperChannel is improving!

    I just finished watching Justified ep 13 season 1 . I also watched roadhouse 2 this weekend and enjoyed both . I can't wait for season 2 of SouthLand to come on as well . I was a TMN/MPIX customer previously and even went back to them twice , but I have to admit that I watch Superchannel a lot more than TMN . I also find that having 2 hd channels of SC is better than the HBO /TMN/mpix combo of four hd channels . Their HD channels are full of HBO content that I was very disappointed with. I rarely watched anything on HBOHD and therefore was wasting time and money having them. So my choice will be with Super Channel and I hope things continue to improve for them.:)
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