Final Test Results Numbers

All Fall Down/The Wheelers 5.21 – Low re-watch, characters annoying, men hated.
American Family 6.47 – Low re-watch, casting issues.
The Call 3.26 – General bomb, people said they would avoid.
Carpoolers 7.06 – Men loved, funny, love it or hate it.
Cashmere Mafia 7.44 – Funny, Lucy Liu issues, audience bored at times.
Cavemen 7.00 – Love it or hate it, weird, caught on as screening continued.
Dirty Sexy Money 9.08 – Funny, high number watch again, cast liked.
Eli Stone 7.34 – Inspirational, cast liked, odd.
Family of the Year 5.85 – Low re-watch, little laughs, cast issues.
Feldman 8.04 – Cast liked, some thought boring, concerning re-watch numbers.
Football Wives 7.55 – Too campy, funny, cast issues, many would watch again.
The Hill 7.05 – Many would re-watch, cast issues, funny, weird.
Judy's Got a Gun 4.89 – Cheesy, cast issue (lead cold), seen as dumb.
Marlowe 6.81 – Too weird, cast liked, not many would watch again.
The Middle 6.99 – Funny, weird, cast issues.
Miss/Guided 6.49 – Initially bombed, recut tested better, liked characters, middling re-watch numbers.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith 3.62 – General bomb, hated leads, looked cheap.
Nice Girls Get the Corner Office 6.24 – Not funny, cast liked, bad script.
Private Practice 6.89 – Too campy, annoying, liked cast, high re-watch numbers.
Pushing Daisies 8.92 – Well liked, cast liked, weird, most would re-watch.
Sachs/Judah 5.89 – No strong feelings about any given element, low re-watch.
Sam I Am 8.62 – Not funny, cast well liked, high re-watch, males liked.
See Jayne Run 3.94 – General bomb (didn’t even like Heather Locklear).
Suspect 3.25 – General bomb (especially confusing).
Thick of It 6.58 – Love it or hate it, odd, smart, either thought was hilarious or completely idiotic.
Traveling in Packs 5.89 – Too girly, not funny, appealing characters.
Women's Murder Club 7.06 – Initially confusing, recuts liked better, odd re-watch numbers.