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    Jericho Canceled!

    Wow, one of the few shows I watched has now been canceled.

    CBS has canceled Jericho.

    I'm beginning to give up on TV, I watch Lost, Heroes, Jericho, My Name is Earl, The Office, Boston Legal and Prison Break. Now Jericho is gone, Prison Break is likely next and I'm almost bored with it anyway.

    Meanwhile, a whole lot of reality TV is slated for the fall this year, looks like I'll be spending even more time on the computer.

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    Jul 2006
    It's really not a huge surprise that CBS cancelled Jericho. since the show came back it's been way down in the ratings (you may want to thank FOX's American Idol for that). If Jericho was not on CBS and on another network then I could see it coming back but CBS acts like if it doesn't win it's timeslot then it's done.

    As for Prison Break getting the boot, I would not count on that. It does very well for FOX & Global.

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    Well the nut campaign worked. One of the last things Skeet Ulrich's character Jake Green said to Timothy Omundson's character Constantino was "NUTS!"Which led to die hard fans of the series bombarding CBS with nuts. So from what I understand the show will be back as a mid-season show but without a 22 episode order. Since Kid Nation is in the Jericho timeslot Wednesday at 8pm maybe Jericho returns after Kid Nation wraps up. Now what did CBS do with all those nuts is what I want to know LOL




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