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Thread: Smallville

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    Does any of you have seen the season finale of Smallville this week? I saw it last night on space. It started to be good. I want to know whats going to happen next season can't wait. At least there is a show that i watch on space.

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    Just saw it last night.

    - Cassidy Freeman's (Tess Mercer) contract was up? We won't know what that person at the hospital standing on the bench intended to do... until the season premiere. But something obvious is they need better security. Don't they have a waiting room just like any other hospital?
    - As for Callum Blue (Zod), wikipedia mentions he signed for 2 years, which means it's not over yet.
    - Green Arrow was stuck in the airvent... said they weren't kryptonians... then... cliffhanger.

    The season finale had too many open arcs, and they were positive for a 10th season whe nthey shot the finale.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    no quote. just glad to see that we are going to have a 10th season. i am just anxious for the premiere in september.

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    Smallville to end next season

    Smallville to end next season

    Sources confirm that The CW will put an end to Superman's adventures after next season. The CW plans to make the announcement at its upfront presentation in New York City on Thursday.

    "Smallville" has been on the bubble the past few years. Many expected this season to be the show's final outing after the drama was shifted to Friday nights -- but "Smallville" performed better than expected and earned the show a renewal.

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    Supernatural was to only last 5 seasons. The CW had a special at the end of season 4 where they explained to their viewers that the show had always been intended to only last for 5 seasons. Supernatural has now been signed for season 6. Guess the ratings were too good.:D



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