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    Feb 2008

    Stupid insert ads by Rogers on US cable channels

    If you have Rogers, you'll see Rogers inserts their own promotions -- thanks, CRTC! -- on US cable channels like A&E, CNN, TLC, GSN & MSNBC (all of them).

    What drives me totally up the wall is the fact that stupid Rogers runs the same repetitive ads for Toronto radio stations they own and they send these ads anywhere Rogers is available. So whether you're in Windsor or London, up in Ottawa or even as far east as Newfoundland, you see USELESS 680 traffic report ads. Or Rogers Community Channel ads for Toronto-only shows. It's not even regionalism (Southwestern Onario, Ottawa, Atlantic Canada)!!

    What's worse, they've now expanded the allotted time. From 1 minute now to 2 minutes. Sure, I think :30 of it has to be for a PSA, but this is becoming ridiculous. Help protect male rights, too.

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    Jan 2008
    New Brunswick
    In (some areas of) Atlantic Canada we actually get the Shaw Direct ads because Rogers takes the feed directly from Shaw Broadcast Services. That always gave me a good laugh because their biggest competitor in the area was got basically free commercials on US cable nets.



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