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    The Biggest Thing Of Our Lives: Elizabeth Vs. Rosie - Wwiii In The Making

    Holy shit today`s show was explosive.

    Watch the hot topics yourself.

    I stand firmly behind my Elizabeth.

    I could swing one at that Rosie.

    Wow will this make the cable news tonight..

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    Jul 2006
    Just finished watching on my PVR (always have to PVR The View incase anything like this happens)

    I was really shocked at how stupid Elizabeth was acting, I just wanted her to shut up. It's pretty clear that the audience likes Rosie and so do the viewers, people are watching The View for Rosie.

    Rosie was completely right about Elizabeth, she cherry-picks which facts to believe. Elizabeth just spits out republican crap. It's almost like George Bush is in her ear telling her what to say!

    Once Rosie leaves The View's ratings will fall big time.

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    Rosie is a fat lebso slutting left wing Liberal secular bitch.

    SHE spews Liberal propoganda which is complete lies in some cases.

    Do you think 911 is a conspiracy?

    watch this. Barbara shuts up Elizabeth for being Pro Life (I am militantly pro life btw) and she lets Rosie go on and on a contentious subject like 911 conspiracy.

    Its a left-wing biased show

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    Jul 2006
    I never said it didn't skew left wing, but they do have a very big republican on the show. If they fired Elizabeth (pray to god) then you could call it complete left wing bias. However as long as Elizabeth is on the show you will get a view from a republican

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    That's the most heated I've seen things get on The View.. and boy did I ever like it! :D I really need to get a PVR or at least set up my crappy vcr to record it! :p

    In regards to Rosie and Elizabeth... both seem to lean heavily on either the left or the right. Elizabeth annoys me to no extent, to repeatidly stick up for and defend their president after all he has done, how anyone do that is beyond me. And Rosie, she's obviously an emotional person and well, honestly I think there is a part of her that wants to cause trouble, maybe it's the activist in her.

    But none-the-less, very entertaining, deff Must See TV!

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    The cable news channels are going crazy.

    FOX, CNN, MSNBC... its the lead in story every hour.

    Elizabeth stood up for herself.

    Regardless of how you feel about her, she snapped... she stood up to Rosie and made herself heard.

    Gains my respect.

    This is huge though.

    Rosie is leaving with a SMACK... I would not be surprised if she starts her own show next year.

    ABC is loving this though.

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    I bet Barbara Walters is pissed that she took today off :D

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    You gotta believe it.

    Rosie should not have the moderation position.

    Barbara will have to do a post-Star Jones type of announement.

    PS: I liked the old set they had last year.

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    Jul 2006
    Well as always, Donald Trump had to have his say.

    Considering he hates Rosie so much you think he would support Elizabeth but nope!

    Trump said: "I've always said she's [Elisabeth Hasselbeck] probably the dumbest person on Television"

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    Ok - well I sent of a email to oreilly @ requesting what happened on The View to be on his body language segment.

    Rosie was missing today.

    Damn PVR it was prempted on the ExpressVu Boston feed by a Bush Press Conference.

    I got it online on The View website though.

    Elizabeth was there and Katthy Lee Giford sat in for Rosie.

    Barbara did not say much.

    I am sure something will be said when the 2 of them are both back on the show again.

    They tape Friday's show so I suspect we'll see the two reunite on Monday next week.

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    Rosie said on her blog yesturday that she doesn't plan to show up for today (Thursday's) show.

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    CanView Guest
    I read Rosies blog too! lol.

    Yeah I know she didn't show up today.. and they tape Friday's show on Thursday.

    I think they'll all be back on Monday.

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    Jul 2006
    ABC has a new promo out:

    PROMO #1


    *Clips of Wednesday's fight*

    Rosie: I'm Back (old clip)

    Elizebeth: Oh my god (old clip)


    ABC Voiceover: LIVE Tuesday at 11/10c only on ABC Daytime

    PROMO #2


    ABC Voiceover: Rosie's back....

    ABC Voiceover: And anything can happen

    ABC Voiceover: The one episode you just can't miss

    ABC Voiceover: Did we mention it's LIVE?

    ABC Voiceover: TUESDAY at 11/10c on ABCDaytime.

    Humm looks like ABC is loving this.

    EDIT: Promos have been pulled since Rosie announced that shes not coming back
    Last edited by TVViewer; 05-26-2007 at 04:31 AM.

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    Entertainment Tonight has some more info and video of Elisabeth.



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