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    Shaw moves APTN-W

    Received an email from Shaw the other day stating that APTN West was moving from channel 105 to channel 108 saying they were making room for new digital and HD offerings. This frees up an analog channel they're obviously converting to digital, so more bandwidth is available ;)

    So ..

    APTN West - old channel 105 analog -> new channel 108 digital

    Hopefully new HD channels coming soon to Shaw, I would imagine more channels will continue to leave their analog lineup as they make room for more digital stuff.

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    Jul 2006
    Even though I don't have Shaw, I would still prefer that they instead start adding some of the SD or even HD (High Fidelity HDTV ones) channels that they are missing, like bpm:tv, TV Land, CourtTV, BBC Kids, Movieola, Silver Screen Classics, Aux (although on Digital Home, I'm hearing that Shaw will be adding Aux on June 15, seems a little odd that Shaw would actually add it, but we'll see soon enough), BiteTV, etc.

    I'm sure HD is great, but I'd rather have more interesting and good content rather than the same content, just in a better picture quality and sound, when SD is actually good enough, for me anyways. (Now I know I just committed a great sin here by saying that, so be kind all you HD lovers, ok ;) :D)



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