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    Penn and teller on movie central

    Does anybody know why movie central is not airing the new season of penn & tellers bullshit

    TMN has it so it is really weird that we are not getting it out west

    I also noticed that TMN is airing the real L word is it possible that there might be some sort of problems going on between showtime and movie central

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    Not sure, I noticed the same thing when sent me notice that the new season was started .. checked MC and they're showing reruns of other seasons. TMN does tend to get shows and movies MC doesn't air, for example MC doesn't seem to have any contract at all with Disney Studios. With Astral running TMN and Family I get a feeling they might have an exclusive with Disney which is why they're airing the Disney movies while leaving MC out in the cold.

    Meanwhile, looks like we need to seek BS from alternative sources in the west if you want to stay current. Oh, and does MC even air BS on the HD channel when they do air it?

    Frankly MC and TMN should be airing the exact same programming IMO, I'd love for TMN/MC to merge suites and deliver nationwide, I mean they've managed to partner up for HBO Canada (which Astral runs), so why not do their entire suites and deliver a dozen channels?
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    I feel bad for those in the west since MC does appear to be the inferior service but it seems Canadian media operates on the worst rising to the top so I'd be bery leery about TMN and MC merging.

    Honestly I'd to see SC just sold off to Astral but who knows if that could ever happen.

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    Yeah the last three seasons of Penn and teller have been on there HD channel
    and last night I found a press release that showed it airing at the same time on TMN and Movie Central

    TMN also comes with 3 HD channels and it looks like they have lots of HD content on there VOD service

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    Tmn does have lots of content in HD ,but a lot of it is boring and many movies I have already seen ondemand on rogers. The series they show are not what I expected . So having more HD isn't everything if their isn't substance to it and a lot of repeats .



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