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    fall info for the specialty channels

    Where is the fall info for the specialty channels?! This site hasn't been updated in almost 2 weeks?

    Canwest has released all the info on their specialties and CTVgm just announced the fall info for their channels?! Also, when does Corus release their fall schedules, still waiting for Teletoon Retro, so far nothing has been posted on their site.

    Also, the email address for does not work, is there an alternate one?!

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    CTVGlobemedia released some information about its fall schedules and a link to the press release is available on all the channels on falltvpreview.

    Canwest released the fall schedules of their specialties and all of them are available on the site as well.. The only thing missing is the description of new shows airing on the specialties which I should add sometime over the next week.

    From past expericences, I can say that there isn't much going on until mid july. Only then, things start to roll as we come closer to the fall season.

    Here's what came at what time last fall to give you an idea of what's coming:

    Last two weeks of july:

    - Astral (TMN, MPIX, Family,
    - Finalized versions of the OMNI stations
    - Corus (Highlights)
    - CTS
    - CTVGlobemedia (Speciality Schedules)
    - Teletoon (Highlights)
    - U.S. Networks premiere dates

    - VisionTV
    - APTN
    - Joy TV
    - TVO
    - Canadian Networks premiere dates

    This is only a heads up, I might get the schedule and highlights sooner or later this year...

    Until that time where schedule and highlights start coming in, I plan to add pics and my reviews of new fall shows.

    I also plan on updating the site with a few new features. One of them is the ability to check past primetime fall schedules on the channel page. The fall 2010 schedule would be displayed and you coud then click on the "Fall 2009" or "Fall 2008" tabs to bview the schedule from past fall seasons. I hope to get this up and running on the next two weeks.
    Randi Dertzo

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    Oct 2009
    Thanks for the reply!

    Well that sucks, I didn't realize that most of the specialty info is released in the latter part of the summer?! Oh well, guess some patience is in order, no problem the only channels I am interested in are Teletoon Retro, CTS & Vision.

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    Jul 2010

    wheres superchannel

    I want to see more info on superchannel info for the fall!



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